Sushi the Fishsaur
Sushi, the lonely, cute, Fishaur.
Full Name Sushi the Fishsaur]
Current Age Unknown
Date of Birth August 19
Gender Male
Species Yoshi (Species)
Current Status Sucking the souls of users
Class Hero

Rival (sometimes)

Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Sushi


Ability/ies Soul Stealing

Upward Pouncing Squid Swim

First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???
Let's go! Blubbbb!
Sushu, Super Mario 666D World

Sushi the Fishaur is a Fantendo-character from the Sushu the Fishsaur Series. He debuts in September 9, 2013. Sushi is a fusion of Yoshi with a squid. He is a lonely and a attractive squid, but is also courageous, fast, agile and strong. He likes to be alone sometimes and searching for food, mostly in rivers where the fishes can swim. He lives in Yoshi Island in an unknown place where nobody has been passed. He doesn't like rude and arrogant people such as that stupid Sorastitch (tbc)! His enemies are Bowser and his minions and his friends are Yoshi, Yoshi, Yoshi, YOSHI, YoShI, yoshi etc. In some games, Sushi can be sometimes be a rival against Yoshi.

His appearance is similar to a squid mixed with Yoshi. He is brownish-grey and he has tentacles everywhere. He is scaly too. He has a grey brown shell and the same colors on his shoes.


Super Mario 666D World

Sushi appears in Super Mario 666D World as a type of Yoshi. He is added in since Nintendo was high on drugs while making the next Mario game. He is also the best yoshi in the game, outshining all of the Yoshis, much like his popularity when compared to better characters.


  • Regarding and comparing to his images, Sushi is mostly like Wraith. Unlike him, he does not have ghost stuff.
  • If you split Sushi's name (Sue-Shi), "Sue" comes from how much of a mary sue he is and "Shi", the last 3 letters of Yoshi. WOAHHHHHH