Susan (MarioPhineas)
Full Name Susan
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Location Olean
Class Heroine


Family and Relations
Linad (Mom)

Mortimer (Ancestor)

Mary (Best friend)

Hal (Friend)

Gimplorp (Enemy)

Main Weapon(s) Sacred Sword of Olean
First Appearance Susan and the Sacred Sword of Olean
Latest Appearance Susan and the Quest for the Lost Princess

Susan is a Human girl at the age of 15 who carries the Sacred Sword of Olean that was given to her ancestor named Mortimer. She stops Gimplorp and saves Olean, the King, Queen, and newborn Prince.

General Information

Personality and Traits

Susan is a brave young girl that can take any obstecle or get herself and friends out of danger. She's also a kindhearted girl becasue she cares about her family, friends, and Olean and she wouldn't do anything to stop them from danger. Courage is the only word that Susan is described as becasuse she can go to the most dangerous places and not turn back away as she always never gives up no matter what. She is also shy sometimes when some people talk to her making it hard sometimes for her to have conversations with here friends Hal and Mary.

Physical Appearence