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Duplicate, part one
Hosted By Indi555
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode User:Cobweb

This episode is being written by Cobweb, also known as the cow guy. Expect lots of dark depressing blah blah blah

Indi stands on a crest of the island's beach, observing the other inhabitants milling about below. His cell phone rings.

Indi: Hello?

Yellow Eyed Man: Ah. Indi, I have good news about this island.

Indi: What?

Yellow Eyed Man: There is supposedly some sort of inhuman creature hiding on it somewhere.

Indi: How's that good...?

Yellow Eyed Man: Ratings are everything, according to the Three Dark Ones.

Indi: Ugh. Why do you even do what those creeps say anymore?

Yellow Eyed Man: No real choice. They've fallen in favor with the rest of the Inner Circle.

Indi: Pfffft. Ridiculous.

Yellow Eyed Man: Things aren't working out so well back here. Metal Locked v2 has woken up from his hypnosis, but thankfully he thinks that I hypnotized him with a pendulum. He doesn't realize that it's my eyes.

Indi: I guess...

Yellow Eyed Man: Just wanted to let you know about the monster. Remember to take full advantage of this and every other situation.

Indi: I most certainly will.

Yellow Eyed Man: One more thing. Things are heating up, and… some of the other Inner Circle members are becoming increasingly rash. I may need someplace to escape to if they take one risk too many. Can I trust you to let this island be my hiding place?

Indi: You know that I’d never betray you. We were comrades long before the others joined us.

Yellow Eyed Man: Old partners in crime, that’s us, I suppose. I’ll talk to you later.

Indi: Right. Seeya.

Indi hangs up and turns around. Standing before him is a figure identical to him: another Indi…

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the volcano…

Andy: Good thing Indi didn’t decide to erupt the volcano… ow, I’m all bruised from my fall.

Andy stumbles around inside the dark space.’’

Andy: Indi said someone who fell down the volcano would ‘find all they needed’ down the passage. But it’s so dark, I can’t see where the passage is.

???: Hello…?

Andy: Wh-wh-who are you?!

The unknown person steps out into the light, revealing… Andy?!


Andy…?: Hello.

Andy: You’re me!

Andy…?: What are you talking about? Imposter!

At the same time, on the other side of the island, Lavora and Troy are flirting with each other.

Lavora: I must say, you’re very-

Troy: …Lavora…?

Lavora: Yes?

Troy: Um, look…

The Lavora turns her head ever so slightly, then gasps. She’s caught sight of what’s behind them: Another Lavora and another Troy…

To be continued…

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