You WILL Be My Friend! (Kind of)
Hosted By Indi555
Eliminated Andy Pasta
Challenge Find and get rid of the Man in the Black Cloak
Winner PalmMan
Writer of Episode User:Indi555

This episode is being written by Indi555, creator of this series, as well as the series known as Survivor Fan. What this is Survivor Fan? Shut up. Nobody asked you.

Last time on Survivor Fan... actually, you know what? Go read Episode 3 instead of just expecting me to do it for you you lazy son of a *EXPERIENCING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES*

Mack: Just who the h**l are you anyway?

Man in the Black Cloak: I am-

Happy Face: Very bossy!

MIBC: Shut up Happy Face!

Happy Face: Okay! You know, you really shouldn't yell so mu-

MIBC: I said shut the h**l up you stupid little toy!

MIBC pulls out a roll of duct tape and places a strip over the Happy Face's mouth.

MIBC: Now, where was I? Oh yes, I was about to convert Mack... d*mn! He's gone!

Meanwhile at the beach, everyone is gathered...

Indi555: So, Scribble, due to winning the race, you are exempt from today's challenge...

Mack jumps out of the foliage and tackles Indi.

Indi: What the h*ll... Mack! What are you doing here!?

Mack: You $^*($@&* son of a b**ch! You tossed me in the #%*(%$@^&(^# volcano, dammit! You tryed to kill me!

Indi: Wait, Mack, you have to understand, ya' see, that's just a joke, you were never in any real danger. You just were supposed to stay there until the show is over! If you had gone farther down the passage, you would have found everything you needed.

Mack: Fine. But you'll have to do better than that to get me down there.

Indi turns to everyone else.

Indi: Also, I wouldn't get any ideas. The volcano is inactive only when I trigger the shut-off sequence.

MIBC jumps out of the jungle


Thunder: Why are you talking all in capital letters?

Indi: Thunder, stop breaking the fourth wall!

Thunder: But the person writing the episode made me say it! I couldn't control it.

Indi: Never mind. You, what the h**l are you blabbing about.

MIBC: I will show you!

Rips tape off Happy Face and points it towards Scribble, Strafe, Dashed, Lemmykoopa24, Purple Guy, Esarbee, and MineMan.

Happy Face: You WILL be my friend!

All of the aforementiond characters become hypnotized.

MIBC: Now, minions, you shall follow me!

MineMan: Screw you. We're FRIENDs with the face.

MIBC: Happy Face, tell them to obey me.

Happy Face: But you always treat me mean!


Happy Face: Okay, okay... listen to that son of a b**ch.

MIBC: Happy Face, I swear I'll kill you one of these days.

Scribble: Yes, FRIEND.

They head off into the woods.

Indi: Ooh, boy, is this gonna boost ratings... um, I mean oh my gosh, this is really bad! We need to save them! So, um, the challenge today is to find that idiot in the black cloak and get him off this island.

Everyone goes off after him.

In the jungle...

Troy: Lavora...

Lavora: Troy...

She traces her claw on his chest

Lavora: You are on handsome koopa...

Troy: And you are one booby-full, I mean, beautiful, girl, Lavora...

Lavora: Thank you, Troy...

Troy: Oh, this is tit much... I mean, too muh for me...


Mick Cool: So, Mack, think that we'll stop this guy?

Mack: Do you ever shut up?

MC: Sometimes, but only when I'm really sick or sleeping. Say, look at that bird over there! Think it's friendly, Mack. Ooh, it's pretty!

Mack: Dear Fan, please let this annoying idiot fall down dead of a massive heart attack. Amen.

MC: Say, Mack, it's that guy we're after.

Mack: What? Where?

MC: Right there!

MIBC: Now, with you, my minions, I will rule the entire Fantendoverse!

Mack: How the h**l do you expect to do that with a stick figure, a thief, a turtle thing, a whatever, a little robed thing, a talking mushroom, and a robot?

Happy Face: That's what I said!


Mack: I'm gonna take you down, you &$$**#@^ bastard- what the h**l?

MIBC keels over unconcious.

MC: I got him, Mack!

Mack: I'll be damned, maybe you aren't so bad after all.

Later that night at the volcano...

Indi: So, everyone, you all did a wonderfull job of going after that weirdo... except you Andy.

Andy Pasta: No! I don't wanna get thrown down the volcano!

Indi: Too bad.

Pushes Andy in.

Indi: Well, let's get this idiot off the island.

Points to the unconcious MIBC.

At the beach, they send him off in a raft, along with the Happy Face.

Indi: Well, that's over with.

So, what will happen next?

Will Troy an Lavora continue their relationship?

Will Mick Cool ever shut up?

Don't find out in the next episode of Survivor Fan!

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