Enter The Annoyances
Hosted By Indi555
Eliminated Not Mack
Challenge Race to the Volcano
Winner Scribble
Writer of Episode 1337doom (tbc)

Last time on Survivor Fan...

Everyone was told that they had to climb a volcano, and the last one there would be thrown in! But first, let's check in somewhere else....

(Meanwhile in an office building, three figures are talking. They all look the same: black robes with pointed tips, you cannot see their face, and hands do not come out of the robe holes. However, they do not look like The Man In The Black Cloak's robe.)

??? 1: Yes.... well if we cannot get the machine by then, then what? Hmm? What then?

??? 2: We try and try to defeat them!!!!!!

??? 3: And that is when the contract will be sealed.... heh heh heh.

(The Man In The Black Cloak carrying Happy Face walks through a door)

The Man In The Black Cloak: OK, now!

Happy Face: You WILL be my friend--- (stops talking and freezes)

The Man In The Black Cloak: Now prepare to... huh?

??? 1: What, did you expect us to be mesmerized by this creature? Yes? Did you???

??? 2: WHAT A FOOL!!!!!!

??? 3: Yesssss..... you must be destroyed for interupting ussss......

??? 1: But, what shall we do before destroying him??? What???

??? 2: FIND AN ISLAND!!!

??? 3: Yessss..... yessss, put him on that isssland, we ssshal annoy him there.....

The Man In The Black Cloak: Island? What are you fools talking about?

Happy Face: (begins to talk again) Yeah! And how come one of you keeps on asking questions? And how come you keep on yelling? And how come you keep on holding your S sounds?

The Man In The Black Cloak: Shut up, Happy Face.

??? 1: Well, are you two ready? Are ya?

??? 2: READY AS I'LL EVER BE!!!!

??? 3: Yessssss...... let'sssss cassst it....

All Three ???'s: You won't live long on that island, so we'll tell you know....... we are the---


All Three ???'s: Teleport! (blasts The Man In The Black Cloak and Happy Face with a spell)

Meanwhile, back on the island..

Lemmykoopa24: Great, only 5 minutes until we have to run up the volcano.

Dashed Koopa: It could be worse.

Lemmykoopa24: How could it be worse?

Dashed Koopa: YOU COULD BE FORCED TO EAT SEAFOOD! (throws a squid at LK24)

Lemmykoopa24: GAK! Stop that! You guys have been doing that all these 2 hours...

(A note falls from the sky)

PalmMan: What's this? (picks it up)

It is time for the volcano run. Please start running now.

PalmMan: Oh no... (starts running up to the volcano)

Later, almost everybody is at the top

PalmMan: ALMOST..... THERE.....

MineMan: HA! (pushes PalmMan down the hill)

PalmMan: NOOOOOOOOOO... (lands in the forest)

Deep Voice: Great, now we have to fend for ourselves on this stupid island....

Light Voice: Well, couldn't we just-

Deep Voice: SHUT UP, HAPPY FACE! (a tree falls and The Man In The Black Cloak and Happy Face fall on top of PalmMan)

PalmMan: GAH! (starts running away from them but gets pushed down by MineMan)

MineMan: Sucker!

PalmMan: (crashes into Mack)

Mack: GAH! #*$%(@!*(!@$*!(@*%(#$&%#&*%*@&#%*@&%*#$&%*@&%*&%*&#%*@&#%*@&%*&#%*@&#$%*@&#%@*%$*&#%*&@*&%*&%

PalmMan: AAAA! (runs away but gets pushed down by MineMan again and lands on Mack and they go tumbling down the hill and hit The Man In The Black Cloak and Happy Face, then Happy Face goes flying out of The Man's hand)

Happy Face: Oh, great.... (falls on the ground)

PalmMan: Oh.... who are you guys?

The Man In The Black Cloak: Darkness lurks within us. Prepare to be destroyed, puppet. (Attempts to cast a spell) What the....

Mack: WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU @%$*@(%&!*&%#(*%@($&#%(#*%@(*%(#(%*@

The Man In The Black Cloak: It appears my spells are of no use here. Unfortunate. Happy Face! C'mon, we're going to go and work on something...

Happy Face: Yes sir! (runs off with The Man)

Mack: That was...... STUPID.

PalmMan: C'mon, we gotta get to the top of the hill!

Mack: Whatever. (they both climb to the top)

MineMan: (gets ready to push PalmMan down)

PalmMan: (dodges and runs to the finish)

Mack: Great, that means I'm the last one to get up here. (slowly climbs up)


Indi555: OK, Mack, you are about to be..... PUSHED INTO THE VOLCANO!

Mack: Nooooo.....

Indi555: Any last words?

Mack: @$*&!@(*%(!@*$!(@*$(!@*$(!@*$(!*

Indi555: That's enough. (pushes Mack into the volcano)


Indi555: He talks to much.

Meanwhile at the bottom of the volcano

Mack: Great, I'm about to die.... no, wait, I'm not going to die! I can--

The Man In The Black Cloak: (dashes out and grabs Mack)

Mack: That's not what I was thinking, but, whatever.

Happy Face: Now, Mack... you WILL be my friend!

Mack: NO! (climbs out of the volcano and looks around) Huh, they left, must think I'm dead. (runs down the volcano) They'll soon see you can't stop a Mack so easily...... whatever that means... oh, @$(**$@(*.


Indi555: (talking to the contestants) Congrats to Scribble for winning the race!

What are The Man In The Black Cloak and Happy Face up to?

Who are you three mysterious people from the beginning?

(Hint: They are not cameos, they are ACTUALLY in the character list, and they appeared in other works as well....)

Did DragonballZ REALLY start the question-at-the-end-of-the-ep thing?

You probably won't find out next time, but it's worth a shot.

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