#2 The Island
Hosted By Indi555
Eliminated N/A
Challenge N/A
Winner N/A
Writer of Episode Indi555

Last time on Survivor Fan...

Everyone was just getting used to life on the cruise when they all woke up on a desrt island!

This will be a long episode.

Mack: What the h**l is going on?! Where the h**l am I?!

Mick Cool comes running out of the jungle

Mick: Ah! A monster!

Mack: Who the h**l are you?

Mick: Moster! Run!

Troy comes out of the jungle

Troy: Hey you little twerp! Tell me what the h**l is going on!

Mack: Stop! Stay away from the little )^&^@%$ robed thing!

Troy: What you gonna do 'bout it, Gramps?

Mack: Gramps! I'm gonna kick your sorry a** into nest week you disrespectful little b*****d!

Troy flips off Mack

Mack: I'm gonna knock some respect into your little head, but I don't know if it'll fit with all the s**t already in there!

Mick: Stop! We shouldn't be fighting! We should be trying to figure out what's going on!

Troy: You know, maybe the shy-guy's right.

Mack: Yeah.

Both: NAH!

They jump at each other

Troy: Urgh...


Hades: So, Cortez, do you remember the ship crashing?

Hades and Cortez are walking together through the jungle, talking

Cortez: No, but with all that debris, it must be what happened.

Hades: You know, Cortez, I'm starting to like you.

Cortez: This could indeed be the beginning of a true friendship, Hades... or should I call you John?

Hades: John is fine.


PalmMan: Out of all the people to be stuck on a desert island with, why does it have to be you?

MineMan: I was just wondering the same thing.

Palm: You know, there's no reason we have to stick to together.

Mine: You're right. I'm leaving.

Palm: Fine.

They walk off in opposite directions.


Esarbee: Thunder, so, I thought that YE was still alive? So how could you have booked the cruie when you aren't even born yet?

Thunder Nook: When has anything to do with Fandemonium ever made since?

Esarbee: Hmm.

Thunder: What?

Esarbee: Well, I don't know if we're really allowed to break the fourth wall with Survivor Fan.

Thunder: Survivor Fan?

Esarbee: *Gasp* I think I just broke the fourth wall without realizing it! We aren't even supposed to know about the show yet, are we?

Thunder: No, I don't think we are, so let's just pretend this conversation never happend.

Esarbee: What conversation?

Thunder: Exactly.

Esarbee: (To himself) What conversation is he talking about?


Mack: Humph. That should show you not to mess with me.

Mick: Um, hey, Mack. It's starting to get dark. Don't you think we should find some firewood?

Mack: Yeah. I'll build a shelter. You, Troy or whatever the h**l your name is. Go get some firewood.

Troy scampers off into the woods

Mick: So, mister, thanks for saving me! I really owe you one! I'm Mick Cool! I'm a Micool Guy! What's your name? Did I mention I like to talk a l-

Mack: Do you want to help me build this shelter?

Mick: Yeah!

Mack: Then shut up.


Indi555 is standing on the beach holding his cell phone

Indi: So when to I tell them about the show?

???: Tomorrow.

Indi: 'Kay. Man, this is gonna be fun! What should tomorrow's challenge be?

???: Have them reach the top of the volcano. The last one to the top will be pushed in.

Indi: No prob'. This'll be interesting.

Indi hangs up, but his phone rings again

Indi: Who the h**l is calling me way out here?

Answers his phone

Indi: 'Sup. Indi here.

???: Indi! You have to help me!

Indi: Shroomy!

Shroomy: Indi! I've been tricked into appearing on a reallity show called "Fandemonium: England Edition" or something!"

Indi: Shroomy, your breaking up.

Shroomy: Indi, wait-

Indi hangs up.

The next morning...

Mack wakes up to find a note by him, as do all the other contestants.

Note: Meet at the lagoon.

At the lagoon...

All the contestants are there, as is Indi.

Mack: You! What the h**l is goin' on!

Indi: You are all contestants on a reallity show called Survival Fan!

They errupt into chaos.

Indi: You must all compete in survival challenges to win. And if you don't comply, we get to throw you into the volcano.

Hades: You can't do that.

Indi: Yeah, we can. It was on the contract. So, everyone meet back here in two hours for the first challenge!

How will the contestants react?

Who will get thrown into the volcano?

And how is Shroomy doing in Hark & Flame?

Don't find out nex time on Survivor Fan!

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