Survivor: Mushroom Kingdom is the first game from the MKTV Series and is based off the television show Survivor. It takes place in Dinosaur Land, away from Yoshi Island. The player must outwit, outplay and outlast the computer NPCs unless they are online then they play against real players from across the world. The online version of the game makes use of the Wii mic introduced for Animal Crossing: City Folk.


You may choose any of the following thirty one Mario characters to be, of them 19 are randomly selected to be in the tribes, some characters are more inclined to be on one team for example Mario and Bowser are more inclined to be on seperate teams while Mario and Luigi are more inclined to be on the same team. Each character has two characters that they are naturally drawn to and two which they are naturally drawn away from, aside from Kolorado and E. Gadd who have only one character they are drawn away from.

Character Relations to others
Mario Luigi, Peach Bowser, Bowser Jr.
Luigi Mario, Daisy King Boo, Bowser
Peach Mario, Daisy Wario, Bowser Jr.
Daisy Luigi, Peach Waluigi, Tatanga
Bowser Bowser Jr, Petey Piranha Mario, Luigi
Bowser Jr. Bowser, King Boo Mario, Peach
King Boo Bowser Jr, Petey Piranha Luigi, Toad
Wario Waluigi, Toadette Peach, Captain Syrup
Waluigi Wario, Tatanga Daisy, Toadsworth
Tatanga Waluigi, Captain Syrup Daisy, Toadette
Petey Piranha King Boo, Bowser Yoshi, Pauline
Toad Toadette, Toadsworth King Boo, Kamek
Toadette Wario, Toad Tatanga, Donkey Kong
Captain Syrup Tatanga, Pauline Wario, Toadsworth
Toadsworth Toad, Yoshi Waluigi, Captain Syrup
Yoshi Toadsworth, BirdoPetey Piranha, Kamek
Pauline Captain Syrup, Birdo Donkey Kong, Petey Piranha
Kamek Kammy Koopa, Kamella Yoshi, Toad
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong Pauline, Toadette
Birdo Yoshi, Pauline Diddy Kong, Kammy Koopa
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong, Dixie Kong Birdo, Mii
Kammy Koopa Kamek, Kamella Birdo, Rosalina
Dixie Kong Diddy Kong, Donkey Kong Kamella, Rosalina
Kamella Kamek, Kammy Koopa Dixie Kong, Mii
Mii Rosalina, Fawful Diddy Kong, Kamella
Rosalina Mii, Fawful Kammy Koopa, Dixie Kong
Fawful Mii, Rosalina Dimentio, Kooper
Dimentio Kooper, E. Gadd Fawful, Kolorado
Kooper Dimentio, Kolorado Fawful, E. Gadd
Kolorado Kooper, E. Gadd Dimentio
Professor E. Gadd Dimentio, Kolorado Kooper


Part of the game is to make alliances with other characters, online this is easier as you can approach people who will automatically accept or reject you but with computers you have to try and please people, if the two characters have natural chemistry this is easier, if they have negative chemistry it is nearly impossible and they will try and vote eachother off. However characters with negative chemistry are rarely on the same team. Alliance members will not vote against eachother and will try and tell eachother which way to vote.


At the end of the week if your tribe loses you get the chance to vote for a player from your tribe to be eliminated, the player with the most votes is eliminated however if you have the immunity idol from exile island then you can not be eliminated, if you believe that you are allready safe you have the chance to give the idol to another member from the tribe. Once the two tribes merge then there is a chance that you will voted out every time unless you have the idol, once it gets to the final three there is no idol.


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