A fanfic by COKEMAN11. Twelve characters from the Zelda series come to compete. Two tribes go all over Hyrule competing in challenges. The losing tribe goes to Magic Council, where votes are cast and someone is sent out of the competition via magic. You are not reading the work of a reality show addict. Even though you sort of are. You are reading Survivor: Hyrule.







Chapter One - "Wisdom? No."

Thirteen inhabitants of Hyrule gathered in the middle of Hyrule Field.

"I was told to arrive for a contest." A teenager dressed in green spoke up.

"Same." A female Gerudo commented.

"Then is there a reason to be here?" A Kokiri girl asked.

"I don't really know. I gotta get back to Death Mountain, anyway." A large Goron started to leave.

"No, wait! Don't go!" A boy dressed in yellow came running into the group.

"So now I have a reason to stay..." The large Goron rejoined the group.

"You all do. You have been called out here to participate in Survivor: Hyrule." The boy dressed in yellow explained.

"Who are you?" The large Goron asked.

"I am JesseRoo." JesseRoo introduced himself. "Now introduce yourselves."

"I am Darunia, Sage of Fire and leader of the Gorons." The large Goron introduced himself.

"I am Nabooru, Sage of Spirit." The female Gerudo explained.

"I'm Link, but you all knew that." The teen dressed in green introduced.

"I'm Princess Zelda." A brunette in a pink dress introduced.

"I am Ganondorf, King of Evil." A male Gerudo in a black cape introduced.

"The name is Linebeck. I'm not a resident of Hyrule, but I was called out here." a man dressed in blue explained.

"I am Saria, Sage of Forest." The Kokiri girl introduced.

"Hehehehehe!" Two witches laughed together. "We are Koume and Kotake! We play together!"

"Interesting...I'm Impa, Sage of Shadow." A Sheikah woman explained.

"I'm Malon. Nothing special." A small red-headed Hylian said.

"I am Princess Ruto, Sage of Water." A Zora explained.

"I am Rauru, the Sage of Light." A large Hylian finished introductions.

"Good. You all know each other." JesseRoo looked at the group. "Now come with me."

"Where are we going?" Saria asked.

"The Lost Woods. More specifically, the Sacred Forest Meadow." JesseRoo explained.

"Do we have to walk all the way there?" Linebeck asked.

"Yeah, there's no other way." JesseRoo explained.

"Um, there is." Zelda said. "Link, take out your Ocarina."

"What for?" Link asked.

"The Minuet of Forest." Zelda explained.

"Oh, right." Link began to play a mystical melody on the Ocarina of Time. Suddenly, a flash of light occurred, and the fourteen characters warped to the forest temple entrance.

"Hey, this is my favorite place!" Saria jumped.

"...How?" Impa was swatting bugs.

"This was my favorite place to be as a child! And now, too! And the Forest Temple is RIGHT THERE!" Saria explained.

"And you had to mess EVERYTHING up here, didn't you?" Ganondorf asked Link.

"Hey, she asked! And I had to..." Link said in his defense.

"Settle down, settle down. I need to give you your teams." JesseRoo said.

"Bring it." Nabooru was prepared.

"Okay," JesseRoo started, "If I call your name, you are on the Sapientia tribe. Sapientia is the latin word for wisdom."

"Just give us the teams." Malon complained.

"Okay!" JesseRoo said to Malon. "Zelda. Ruto. The Twinrova sisters. Rauru. Darunia. Ganondorf."

"Um, this is the wisdom team?" Darunia asked.

"Yeah, so?" JesseRoo asked back.

"Wisdom?" Zelda commented, referring to Twinrova and Ganondorf being on the team. "No."

"Quiet, I ran out of ideas." JesseRoo snapped. "That means Malon, Link, Linebeck, Impa, Nabooru, and Saria are on the Virtus team. Virtus, in Latin, means Courage."

"Do we need to know?" Saria questioned.

"No." JesseRoo said after blinking.

"...Meh." Malon said.

"Okay then! For now, you will set up your camps in the Forest Temple. Don't worry, it's free of evil, for now." JesseRoo explained.

"For now?" Ruto asked, but she went in. She was followed by everyone else.

An hour later, Sapientia and Virtus had set up camp and came back.

"Now, it's time to eat. Then you will have challenge one." JesseRoo had turkey, beans and toast for the tribes.

"Yay, food. Whoop-de-do." Nabooru took some turkey.

Over lunch, the contestants talked.

"So, how do you think this contest will turn out?" Impa asked everyone.

"I think the ones who deserve to win will make it far, and those who hang on by a limb will make it to the middle." Saria gave her opinion.

"I think I'll win. Enough said." Linebeck commented.

"Jerk. I think I may win because of my integrity, but I really don't think I'll be around too long." Nabooru explained.

"I don't even want to be here." Darunia said between bites of toast and rocks that he found on the ground.

"Ew, you eat rocks?" Malon asked.

"I'm a Goron, it's what we do." Darunia explained.

"Like you're a Hylian, I'm a Zora, stuff like that." Ruto told Malon.

"I sorta get it. Not exactly, but I get it." Malon bit into her beans.

"All right, guys." JesseRoo shouted calmly. "First challenge!"

"Whatever." Linebeck got up.

"What is our challenge?" Saria asked.

"You'll see." JesseRoo said.

"Heehee!" Kotake laughed.

"What?" Rauru asked Kotake.

"Oh, nothing...heheheh..." Kotake was looking suspicious. Rauru sighed.

"Your first challenge is to make it through the hedge maze." JesseRoo explained.

"Easy enough. Link, we've got this." Saria fist bumped with Link.

"Oh, and I set some parts on fire, and the moblins are still there. There are some pits, and most areas are blocked off. Good luck!" JesseRoo finished, leaving everyone else in shock.


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