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Surviving the Fandraxorcist is a survival horror game developed by Fandraxonian Enterprises for the PC platform. It is inspired by many works such as Slender Man, Sonic.EXE and Five Nights at Freddy's.

Surviving the Fandraxorcist is a real life progress game that will have work started sometime in the near future.  While it is unknown when Crimson will find time to do this, it will actually happen.  Stay aware.


You are invited to stay at your friend (Ethan)'s house to spend two weeks at after your home burnt down. The first portion of these two weeks went well, delicious foods were cooked and the house was kept warm and comfortable. Near the end of the first week though, things went horribly wrong. A long, hard blizzard settled in and blocked access to the house's outside. Things eventually went wrong in the basement and all the food was ruined by a deep freeze, causing everyone to go in panic and eventually turn on and eat each other. Out of everyone, only two and Ethan, who is now after your tender flesh and divine blood. For the second week, you must constantly run away from Ethan, avoid his traps and survive to the end of the week, whereas the blizzard will end and you can leave comfortably.

Once the week ends, the blizzard will end and you will escape the house, with Ethan still after you. A lady walks up to Ethan and offers him food and water, causing him to come back to his senses. He bursts into tears and realizes what he has done...he has caused suffering, pain and misery, and felt that he no longer needed to live. Right there, in front of you and her, he stabs himself in the heart with a knife after speaking some final words:

I'm...sorry, <insert name here>. I was never safe...for years, I have brought endless suffering with you knowing it and I feel ashamed that I took upon some of its greatest strength upon you. I realized what I have done and to end misery for this planet, I will shatter my heart and restore sunshine and paradise for everyone. Without me, this world will be well again.

After he commits suicide, you stand there and feel yourself wobbling. You start to cry and you sniffle alongside him, and then you realize that he will be all right in the heavens...his shining eyes will be within your vision forever.

However, if all Fantendo friends were saved, the ending is different.  Ethan slays himself, but right after you begin sniffling, you take the same dagger and strike it into your chest to live with his reborn spirit, forever in the Heavens.  You are not letting him suffer alone - you're with him, with your friends blessing you as they watch you float into the air with him.

Whatever ending happens, a figure steps out from behind a wall, holding a chainsaw with the body of a civilian on its spiked end.  He gives a laugh of pure heartlessness and shreds the body into two pieces.


You start out in the kitchen, directly across from Ethan. There are many places you can explore in Ethan's house, with plenty of bedrooms and hallways and loads of dead ends. Each day lasts 20 minutes, so if you make it to the end of the day you'll reach a checkpoint and be able to restart from the current day's beginning if you die. While you are escaping, there are many treasures that can be found around the house, including belongings, cash, disturbing bits, and more. Collecting treasure boosts your score.

The first days are easy to pass, but as they go on Ethan becomes faster and more tricky to deal with. He'll start to await you in dead ends and is excessively quick and hard to dodge. Hallucinations begin to settle in on later nights and disturbing gore images begin to flash when you're not even in trouble. He begins to mess up your mind and when he's not chasing you he can be spotted chewing on the bones or flesh of his dead family members.

Throughout the nights, you will become hungrier and hungrier.  If the "Stomach Bar" runs out, you faint and lose.  To combat this, find some of the relatively few good bits of food hanging around the house.  Look with a sharp eye though - where food lurks, Ethan may lurk too.

If Ethan touches you, he'll disappear, only to show up at a random interval and end your game. There are many ways Ethan can do this, but all of them lead to a bad ending, showing him torturing you in different ways.


  • Avatar (can be named): The game's sole, silent protagonist that is based off of you. He/she speaks no words and the only audio that the avatar has is just a bunch of different screams for when you die.
  • Ethan: The antagonist of the game and a sixteen year old murderer corrupted by loss of food, family, and warmth. Throughout the week, he will chase you and attempt to end you too and eventually himself.
  • Asher: Previously Ethan's best friend and youngest brother before he was devoured by same person.  He appears in various hallucinations throughout the game.

Game Over jumpscares/screensEdit

  • Ethan suddenly popping up in front of your face and tearing your head off. The game over screen shows him hanging your head on the wall.
  • Ethan skidding from the side and throwing you down to the floor, with him thrusting his foot through your heart. The game over screen shows him devouring your organs.
  • Ethan plunges a knife through your chest from begin, then pops up in front of you with a cheesy grin. The game over screen shows him mixing your parts in a wooden blender by hand.
  • The screen darkens, then shows a bunch of hallucinations of Ethan and his various relatives. Then Ethan repeats the first jumpscare and the game over screen shows him hugging your body in a sad way.
  • Crying is heard in the background, then shows Ethan on the floor. There is no way you can escape. However, you must kill him. Once you attack him, he'll throw his face into yours and make you die of heart failure. The game over screen shows both of you dead on the floor.
  • Gameplay may be normal for a while, but once Asher's body is seen floating around and you turn the other way, Ethan will hug you to death and the game over screen will show him dead alongside you.


  • Basement
    • Pantry: A snow covered area with lots of ruined food. The only way to exit this area is to retrace your steps, but quickly as Ethan can easily trap you here.
    • Engine Room: Another snow covered area that froze up. This is a really bad dead end, although it has some good treasures in it. If Ethan traps you here, you cannot escape whatsoever.
    • Game Room: An area with a pool table. While Ethan can trap you here, it is possible to escape. You just need to trick him by luring him into chasing you.
  • First Floor
    • Kitchen: Your starting location. Not much here, but it leads to several other rooms, including a long hallway and the dining room.
    • Dining Room: It's a really cramped area and if you come across Ethan here it will be hard to turn around quickly and escape, especially on later nights.
    • Living Room: The "hub" of the house, connecting to a lot of rooms alongside the basement and the second floor.
    • Ethan's Room: A large room where many lay dead, mostly consisting of uneaten flesh. It's a big mess, with stuff spread everywhere.
    • Aidan's Room: A small room with a hole in the ceiling that leads to the second floor. If Ethan chases you into here, you must climb up the hole quickly and scamper.
    • Asher's Room: A medium sized room that connects to three locations, two of them dead ends. Be sure you know where you're going.
    • Bathroom: A dead end that is one of Ethan's spawning locations. If you see him here, run away as fast as you can.
    • Garage: Another dead end. It is a really wide area you can explore though, and escaping Ethan is much easier to do here than in most dead ends.
  • Second Floor
    • Meeting Center: The second floor's hub, pretty much. It connects to various other rooms in the house.
    • Mom's Bedroom: A dead end that is not good to get caught up in, as many hallucinations occur and getting a game over here is likely as this is also one of Ethan's spawning locations. The mother's dead body lies over the bedstead, by the way.
    • Laundry Room: While a dead end, you can break through the floor by stepping at the very edge of it. Breaking through the floor takes you to Asher's Room.
    • Computer Room: Aidan's Room has a hole in its ceiling that takes you here. It serves as a hallway to the Meeting Center.
    • Music Room: A dead end with little...fortune and treasure. Turn back if you see this room, especially since Ethan spawns here sometimes.


  • Cash: This can be found in the various rooms of the house, often in the form of coins and bills. Dead ends usually have better cash than open ones.
  • Gems: These hide in things like closets and dead ends.  From least wealthy to most wealthy: Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Topazes.
  • Diaries: Little books that hold some pages of Crimson and his true, evil side.  These can be read on the main menu after collected.
  • Bodies: Often, bodies lay around.  They're said to be those of Fantendo users.  All but one of them are alive...somewhat.  They're just suffering, waiting for help from you...if you touch a body, it joins you later on in the plot as a perfectly healthy being.
  • Tears: There's eight of these that have to be found.  They're hidden in well hidden locations, too.  The more of these that are collected, the more saddening and disturbing the ending will be.  Shall none of these be collected, the ending is a bit lame.


  • This article was at first a reboot of the PC game Five Nights at Fandro's, but then it became its own separate game after the idea received cold reception.
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