Survival: The Reality Game Show is a game show I thought of when I first watched Total Drama Island. So, I will let 22 People from this website join this (This is a fake game show. Do not expect to get real prize money). The first 22 people who say they want to join are in the show. Caran (My other fan character) is going to be the host of this, Mikia (Caran's sister) will be helping with challenges. 


Season 1-

  1. Xeraidiant
  2. FennekinZ64
  3. Lumogo
  4. ScorchingCliffs
  5. LuckyEmile
  6. Coiny
  7. LegendaryIce
  8. Nova9758
  9. ClaustheMighty
  10. Simpson55
  11. CSketch
  12. ShyguyandBoo
  13. Shadowfan
  14. Sereny12
  15. SuperScratchkat
  16. Ijjikolp
  17. SuperGirl19
  18. Fireflower14
  19. Starm12
  20. Supersonicawsome
  21. Adamcool
  22. NetNavi

Season 1: Survival Island.(22 Contestants only for this season).

Episode 1: The Terrible Camp

A guy with Black hair, A Blue shirt with white long sleeves, Red jeans, and Blue shoes walks in the scene. "Hello, all you people watching at home, My name is Caran and this is my sister, Mikia! " Mikia, a girl with two black pony tails and is wearing a more feminine version of Caran's outfit, waves. "I am going to be the Host of this new game show. Survival Island! 22 contestants will compete for a prize. A prize of $1,000,000! So, first let me show you Camp Fantendo" .

  • Cabins: This is where the contestant will be sleeping at.
  • Arts and Crafts Center: This is where contestants can make many crafty things.
  • Mess Hall: This is where the contestants can eat some daily delicacies.
  • Elimination Fire: This is where the team that loses has to vote off one of their own members.The person that gets eliminated goes to.........
  • The Dock of Shame: Where the contestant that loses gets on the Boat of Losers and gets sent to a site where they can never come back.
  • The Confessional Bathroom: This is where the contestants will say things that they don't want to say in public.

"Well, now that we are done with that, lets see our first contestant". Then, a boat arrives at the docks. "Here is our first contestant, X"! A guy with black and gold hair, a green hoodie, and blue boots steps off the boat with a very questioned and annoyed face. "What!? We are supposed to stay here?! There is no way I am staying here!" X says before the boat leaves X on the docks. "I did not sign up for this". Another boat arrives. "Here is our next contestant, Fenn"! A guy with orange and yellow hair, white Shirt and pants, and red shoes comes off the boat. "Wow, I can't believe I am here! Yay! " says Fenn excitedly.

CONFESSIONAL: "Wow, now I have a chance at make new friends and $1,000,000!" said Fenn.                

CONFESSIONAL: "Well...... so far, this place sucks. But since I'm already here and I can't leave, I might as well try and win this thing" says X dissappointingly before sighing.

Another boat comes "Our next contestant is Lumogo!" A guy with dark blue hair, light blue shirt, blue pants and baby blue shoes gets off the boat. "Hi everyone out there" said Lumo shyly before waving to X, who has no response, but a nasty depressed look.

CONFESSIONAL: "Man, I wonder whats wrong with X? " says Lumo confused.                                                  

CONFESSIONAL: "I'm pretty depressed from just being here right now" says X before sighing.

Another boat comes to the docks and someone sumersaults off the boat, he has blue hair, white pants, and a gold shirt and gold shoes "Woohoo! Scorch is in the house!" says Scorch before another person sumersaults off the boat, she has short brown hair and braces, a black skirt and a white shirt, a red tie and black shoes and long socks "Hello, fellow contestants" says Alice. "Well, here is Alice and Scorch, I suppose... " says Caran with a slightly confused look.

CONFESSIONAL: "Well, I know at least 2 people, so that is a plus" says Alice.

CONFESSIONAL: "Wow, did X just go emo on us? " says Scorch with a raised eyebrow.

Another boat comes with some party music on. "Watch out everybody! Coiny is in the house"! "How many people are going to get here and say the name before I can present them to the viewers!? *groan* Okay, here is Coiny I guess..." Coiny jumps out of the boat, he has brown hair, red pants, green shoes and a black shirt. "What's up Caran, how are you doing? " says Coiny while looking at Caran with a grin. "I'm fine, thank you" says Caran with a bit of a sarcastic tone.

CONFESSIONAL: "The only person who is gonna win this show is me and no one else! " says Coiny.

"Another boat!" says Caran while pointing at the dock where another boat with some punk music playing arrives. A guy with brown hair, black pants, red shoes and a brown shirt called Legend gets off. "Wow. Are we seriously staying in this dump? Hmph....... " says Legend. Caran looks at him and says "You're in "Survival: The Reality Game Show, so deal with it! " says Caran with a bit of an annoyed tone.

CONFESSIONAL: "No one will survive this game, I'm gonna win this, the easy way or the hard way" says Legend.

"Next up is Nova! " says Caran before a boat with mysterious music arrives. A guy with black hair, black trench coat, navy pants and black shoes steps off. "Hey, Nova! " Caran says. Nova glares at him, "Greetings, Caran. I believe I have the necessary skills needed in order to succeed in this competition. Goodbye. " Coiny waves to Nova, but he walks off. Coiny stands there, looking intrigued and confused.

CONFESSIONAL: Nova stands beside the wall. "I can be very unpredictable in these types of situations. Do not underestimate me." He cracks his knuckles and goes out the door.

CONFESSIONAL: "There's something about Nova that doesn't seem right. He seems like a lunatic, but he's trying to hide it... It's not my business to intrude though. I'm here to win" says Coiny.

Then, a boat with a silhouette on top of it comes to the docks before the sillouette jumps off of the boat. "Hello fellow contestants" says the siloutte, who is Claus "Say hello to the Ninja Master, Claus"!                                

CONFESSIONAL: "Hmph, this place isn't as good as I expceted, but it isn't that bad, is it? " says Claus with a raised eyebrow.

CONFESSIONAL: "This is place isn't as good as I expected and it's not even good in the slightest *sigh*, so much for 1,000,000 dollars..... " says Legend with a bit of an annoyed tone.

"Here comes 3 of X's friends! Here they come, Shyguy, Shadow and Sereny! " says Caran while pointing at the dock where another boat has come in. "So, are we staying here? " asks Shadow once he gets off the boat, he has an all white shirt, blonde hair and carries a keyboard with him. "Uhhhh...... Yes? " says Caran "Sweet" says Shadow enthusiastically. "So, all of us are staying at this place? " says a guy with camoflague clothing and black curly hair. "Yes, Shyguy" says Caran "Ok, thanks" "Hey all you guys, Sereny is in the house" says Sereny. The girl that has on all blue and has black hair.

CONFESSIONAL: "So most people here want to win but, I want to win AND make friends" says Shyguy.

CONFESSIONAL: "I have mad skills," says Shadow.

CONFESSIONAL: "I am the queen of fabulousness, Sereny!" says Sereny excidedly.

"And now our next contestant, Scratch!" says Caran while pointing at the docks where a guy with a black shirt and white hair comes out.

CONFESSIONAL: "Wow, I can't believe I actually made it here! " says Scratch.

CONFESSIONAL: "Hm, he seems like someone I can make an alliance with," says Legend as he is chuckling.

"YAAAAAHHHHOOOOO!" says Ijji. "Hi, Ijji" said Caran in an annoyed voice. "Oh my gosh! I am finnaly here!" said Ijji. "Um...., hello everyone" says a yoshi girl with long blond hair and a red scarf. "Here is Super" said Caran. "Wait, why is she a yoshi? " asked Shadow. "What is there something wrong with being a yoshi?! " said Super with an angered voice. "Please stop yelling! " said Sketch. "Stop whining, Sketch! " said Simpson. "Aggghhhhh! " said Starm, Fire, and Sonic together as they all fell of the boat at the same time. "So, Where are the special arrangements? " questioned Adam. "Um Adam, this is a summer camp" says Net. The screen cuts to everyone at the campfire. " Now that everyone is here, we can divide you all into 2 teams" says Caran. " When I call our name, go over to the red banner. " directed Caran. " X, Fenn, Alice, Scorch, Super, Shyguy, Sereny, Fire, Adam, Net, and Sketch. You guys will be the Fussing Flares" !

CONFESSIONAL: " Is that the best team name you can come up with? " said X following with a facepalm.

"Now, the remainder of you, go under the blue banner. Which means Lumo, Coiny, Legend, Claus, Nova, Simpson, Scratch, Shadow, Ijji, Sonic, and Starm will be the Weeping Waves" !

CONFESSIONAL: " We sound like weaklings! " said Starm angrily.

"Now, everyone go unpack and meet me at the mess hall in 30 minutes" said Caran. Everone unpacked and everone picked there cabins and sorted out things such as beds and stuff like that. Then, the screen shows everone at the mess hall with the chef serving food. "Now, you guys will get 3 meals a day. And thats it! " said the chef. Everyone sat down and stared at there disgusting lunches. "I think my sandwich meat just moved" said X distgusted. "Hey, can we order a pizza or somethin-" said Coiny as his voice was cut off because the chef through a knife to the wall next to him. " Woah, never mind dude! I am cool with eating slop! " said Coin scared to death. Then, the mega phones make a sound that indicates that Caran is going to make a annoucement. "Everyone, get on your swimming suits and come to the beach right now". "Man, the first challenge already. I wonder what it is going to be" said Sonic as he wondered. "Come on, it's the first challenge. How hard can it be? " said Scratch assuring as he will be corrected. Then, the screen shows up at a cliff where everyone looks amazed. "Oh ****! " said Scratch as he has his eyes wide open. The screen fades into a black limbo.

Episode 2: The Leap of Terror and Probably Faith

Recap: All 22 contestant have shown up at the camp island known as Camp Fantendo. All of them have chosen to be on one of 2 teams, The Fussing Flares, and The Weeping Waves. Then, they all had to do one challenge. Now, lets see what happens this time on Survival Island.

Everone gazes in awe as the stand on the edge of a 10,000 foot tall cliff. "Here is the challenge. You must jump off this cliff into 2 of these zones. The safe zone or inside the circle will want to be our goal. I say this because...., in the outer zone there are sharks. Also, it will get you a point for your team. Also, if you feel like you can't jump, you can go on the chicken route. And, you will have to where this chicken hat for the rest of the day" said Caran happily. "The Fussing Flares go first". "Here...I....go!" said Fire as she jumps off. "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"! She falls into the safe zone. "Fine.... " said X as he walks of the cliff. "Ahhhh. " said X in a bored tone. He falls in the safe zone. Alice, Super, and Fenn fall at the same time in the safe zone. Scorch takes the extreme way. "Yeaaaaah! " he said as he took this to the extreme. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! " said Sereny and Shyguy. "Uhhh, I..... I...... can't......" said Adam as he took a chicken hat. 

CONFESSIONAL: "Geez, that was just flat out embarassing. But, I didn't want to die!" said Adam in a sad tone.

CONFESSIONAL: "I feel bad for the guy. He was afraid. I can understand that. My life has had a lot to do with fear" said X in somewhat of a sad tone.

"Well, we only have 2 more contestants to go. Net and Sketch" annouced Caran. "Come on! You can do it!" cheered everyone. " We're going to die, aren't we?" asked Net. "Yes. Yes we are." said Sketch. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" said Net and Sketch as they hugged each other for dear life. Sketch made it safely into the safe zone. Net on the other hand...... "Ahhhhhh! The shark is gonna turn me into a limited tim dish! Someone help me!!!!!" yelled Net as he swam fastly away from the sharks. The sharks were persistent on following him. He jumped out the water into the boat that picked up everyone in the water. "Okay let's see..... 9 points for the Fusssing Flares!" announced Caran. "What?! But, I jumped!" yelled Net. "Well, you didn't land in the safe zone. Did you?" said Caran in an annoyed tone.

CONFESSIONAL: "That is some serious bull crap! Atleast I jumped!" said Net in an annoyed tone.

CONFESSIONAL: "Ha! 9/11 points?! And, these are supposed to be our opponents?! We can easily beat that!" said Simpson in a confident tone.

"Next up, the Weeping Waves!" Caran yelled. Lumo looked over the cliff and gulped. "Welp... Here goes nothing! Ahhh!" Lumo said as he fell perfectly into the unsafe zone. "Oh dear..." Mikia mumbled.

CONFESSIONAL: "Welp, it was nice meeting that little guy. I salute you." Starm said as he saluted.

But, the exact opposite happened. The sharks litterally carried him to the shore. Lumo just had a surprised face.

CONFESSIONAL: "....... What." Lumo said with a straight, yet confused face.

Coiny had a nervous smile and looked at everyone else. "You expect me to jump down? Heh, no thank you..." he said as he started to walk away. That is, until Nova grabbed his shoulder. "Do it or I crush your skull." Nova said in a very menacing tone. "Okay! I changed my mind!" Coiny said with yet another nervous smile as he walked to the edge.

CONFESSIONAL: "He was going to crush my skull! I had to go! What in the heck is up with Nova?!" Coiny exclaimed.

CONFESSIONAL: "I had to bluff a bit to get him to go. I can't lose this show." Nova said as he raised an eyebrow.

Nova simply pushed Coiny off the cliff, and he landed in the safe zone.

CONFESSIONAL: "Oops. My bad." Nova said with a cocky smirk on his face.

CONFESSIONAL: "HE JUST THREW ME OFF A 10,000 FOOT CLIFF!" Coiny exclaimed while one of his eyelids were twitched.

Nova laughed and jumped after Coiny fell into the water. Once Coiny resurfaced, Nova just landed on him.

CONFESSIONAL: "What? He was in the way." Nova said in an innocent tone.

CONFESSIONAL: "Alright, that's it! The gloves are coming off! Nova, you are dead!" Coiny said, obviously infuriated.

Legend scoffed. "Hah! You call that a jump? This is what you call a jump." Legend walked back abit, before ruunning to the edge and jumping, and performed a swan dive.

CONFESSIONAL: "Did he..... Did he just swan dive?" X said with a bewildered look upon his face.

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