Surprise Chocobo Daredevils
Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) Square Enix
Platform(s) Wii U


Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Disc

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Surprise Chocobo Daredevils is a racing game by SuicuneRider14.


Characters race on chocobos across various tracks for 1-10 laps. Each character will have 2 abilities which can be utilized by X/△ and Y/▢. Characters have a Limit Gauge, which when filled allows them to use their Limit Break.

Each character has an MP amount, which is used for abilities. It is restored gradually between uses.

Both chocobos and racers have an HP amount. For chocobos, it is shown by percentage, depleted by running at least 15 KPH/9.3 MPH. Going lower than 13 KPH/8 MPH will have HP restored faster than it is depleted. When it falls below 10%, the chocobo can only go at 5 KPH/3.1 MPH at max. For racers, their HP is depleted when attacked by magic,

Levels can be selected before characters are selected, which affect Energy. In Exhibition mode, all players will have the same level.



Character Description Abilities
Terra Brandford VI

Lv 1 MP: 55 Lv 99 MP: 823

  • X/△: Firaga (27 MP)
  • Y/▢: Cura (16 MP)
  • LB: Riot Blade
Cloud Strife VII

Lv 1 MP: 39 Lv 99 MP: 640

  • X/△: Thundara (19 MP)
  • Y/▢: Blizzara (18 MP)
  • LB: Omnislash
Celes Chere VI

Lv 1 MP: 53 Lv 99 MP: 820

  • X/△: Blizzaga (27 MP)
  • Y/▢: Confuse (10 MP)
  • LB: Spinning Edge
Zidane Tribal IX

Lv 1 MP: 48 Lv 99 MP: 690

  • X/△: What's That?! (2 MP) (Scoop Art (14 MP) during Trance)
  • Y/▢: Lucky Seven, only works when HP ends in 7 (6 MP) (Solution 9 (48 MP) during Trance)
  • LB: Trance


Character Description How To Unlock Abilities
Freya Crescent IX

Lv 1 MP: 30 Lv 99 MP: 549

Win 36 races with Zidane
  • X/△: Jump (3 MP) (Spear Rain (5 MP) during Trance)
  • Y/▢: Reis's Wind (12 MP) (Cherry Blossom (46 MP) during Trance)
  • LB: Trance
Kuja IX

Lv 1 MP: 58 Lv 99 MP: 867

  • X/△: Thundaga (28 MP) (Ultima (50 MP) during Trance)
  • Y/▢: Demi (18 MP) (Flare Star (57 MP) during Trance)
  • LB: Trance