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Surface Days
Developer(s) The Jellyfish Oasis
Publisher(s) The Jellyfish Oasis
Platform(s) Wii U

Xbox One


Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Action RPG
Media Included Console Optical Disks


Surface Days is an action RPG for the Wii U and PC via Steam. The game is meant to be a semi-revamp of the former series Costume Hero, having the characters under different names, personalities, and designs. Similar elements from other ARPGs such as Xenoblade Chronicles are taken into play while features like six-person parties are directly inspired by the Suikoden series.




Playable Characters

Image Info

Bio-Android I
You, the Protagonist

Redd Pepper
Hot-Headed Rock Addict
Description: The first party member obtain during the game. This red-hot cat has a bad reputation being his town's most hot-tempered citizen, which is most undoubtly true. His anger problems however, don't affect his often smart and caring side of his which is shown rarely from time to time. Rock music is his favorite music genre, and there is never a day where he doesn't listen to his favorite band: the "Monarchs of Rock".



Locations & Areas

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