Surf-Foam Fracas
Theme Beach and Shallow Waters
Required Jiggy-1 4 (Activation: 17)
Transformation Dolphin
Surf-Foam Fracas is the fourth level of Banjo-Kazooie: Gruntopolis, requiring 4 Jiggies to fill the Puzzle and 17 to activate it. Following the hill at the end of Main Street down to the docks leads to a series of Warehouses and Piers, where a lone Boathouse seems to stand out. Said Boathouse is found on one of the Piers on the opposite side of the crane, and serves as the entrance to this level.

Points of Interest


The Puzzle to Surf-Foam Fracas is located underneath the Long Pier.


The entrance to the level is a pile of rocks which lead to what seems almost like a cave, but simply fades to black. Just in front of the entrance is a Beach Shack, run by Salty Joe and Big Al. Along The Beach are numerous Beach Chairs and Umbrellas, occupied by various unnamed characters. The Beach slopes down towards the Shallow Waters, where Banjo and Kazooie can explore a little bit of area, but are prevented from heading too far out by a pool rope. Off on the opposite side from the Beach Shack is a small gap the duo can swim through, which allows access to a Rocky Cove; careful observation will reveal a weak spot in the rocks where shooting eggs will open up a passage into a Hidden Cavern behind the cove. Along the Shallow Waters are also a couple openings which lead to Deepwater, where some rather aggressive animals live. At the center of the largest section of water is a large Coral Reef, with variously-colored coral and other aquatic organisms living atop it. By following a tunnel made of orange coral, Banjo and Kazooie will make their way to an old Shipwreck. Alternatively, there is also a passage into Neo Atlantis, most of which is actually blocked off; only some streets, the City Hall, and the Aquarium can actually be accessed. Nimbo Limbo's Yurt lies along the streets.


  • Level Entrance
    • Beach Shack
    • The Beach
    • Shallow Waters
  • Rocky Cove
    • Hidden Cavern
  • Deepwater
    • Coral Reef
    • Shipwreck
  • Neo Atlantis
    • City Hall
    • Aquarium
    • Nimbo Limbo's Yurt


  • There are 4 Warp Pads in this level
    • On top of the Beach Shack
    • Outside Neo Atlantis City Hall
    • Inside the Shipwreck
    • On top of the Coral Reef
  • The Mumbo Pad requires 4 Mumbo Tokens in order to summon the rings over The Beach
  • Using 2 Glowbos will allow the player to transform into a Dolphin

Abilities Learned

  • Thunder Egg - Inside the Hidden Cavern (30 Notes)
  • Underwater Egg Aiming - Hidden behind a cracked door on the back of the Beach Shack (25 Notes)



  • There is 1 Note located on top of each of the 10 Umbrellas around The Beach
  • 15 Notes can be found along the passage to the Hidden Cavern
  • 10 more Notes are found scattered about the Shallow Waters
  • 25 Notes are lying around and within the Coral Reef
  • Along the streets of Neo Atlantis are 25 Notes
  • Scattered throughout the Shipwreck are the last 15 Notes


  1. Hovering in the air of the Hidden Cavern
  2. Lying in the Captain's Quarters of the Shipwreck
  3. Deliver 5 orders to Beach-goers within 1 minute
  4. Fly through all 7 hoops hovering over The Beach
  5. Bust open the large black rock near the Beach Shack
  6. Navigate the maze of tubes and tunnels of the Coral Reef
  7. Free Snacker from his cage
  8. Beat Snacker in a race
  9. Collect all 4 Jinjos
  10. Defeat King Kalamari


  1. Underneath a black rock on The Beach
  2. Standing inside the Rocky Cove
  3. On top of the Shipwreck's mast
  4. Inside the Neo Atlantis City Hall

Mumbo Tokens

  1. On top of the Beach Shack
  2. Located within the Shipwreck
  3. Inside the Coral Reef maze
  4. Inside the Neo Atlantis City Hall
  5. Inside the Ocotpus Tank at Neo Atlantis Aquarium


  1. Found roaming the Shallow Waters
  2. Hopping around the Shipwreck
  3. Running around the Coral Reef

Empty Honeycombs

  1. Behind some weak rocks in the Rocky Cove
  2. On top of Neo Atlantis City Hall
  3. Inside the Shark Tank at Neo Atlantis Aquarium

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