Supra Smash Bross
Developer(s) Weegeesquare
Publisher(s) Weegeesquare
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
First version: 5/3/2014

Latest version: 2/12/2015

Age Rating(s)
4/5 - Gamejolt

4/10 "Not an FPS" -IGN

Genre(s) Fighting
Predecessor "Supah Mahryo Brothas"

Supra Smash Bross is a Super Smash Brothers fan/parody/shoddyknockoffproduct game released in 2014-2015

by Weegeesquare.

Version 7 was released as of 8/23/2015. You can download the latest version of the game here.


The game plays like Smash Brothers, but with a few differences:

  • There are no shields or dodging.

Playable Fighters

Starter Fighters

Character Starter? Moves Origin
Myrio Yes

N- Ghost

S- Phantom Breaker

U- Gay Star

D- Rave

Supah Mahryo Brothas
Luee-G Yes


S- Moustache Boost

U- Souper Jamp

D- Moustache Cyclone

Supah Mahryo Brothas
Yoshi Yes

N- Tongue

S- Ram

U- Flutter Jamp

D- Swallow

Super Mario World
Bowzah Yes

N- Fiyah

S- Gay Star

U- Whirling Fortress

D- Bowzah Bawmb

Supah Mahryo Brothas
Goku/Kaka Carrot Cake Yes

N- Lasah

S- Kameh Hameh Haa

U- Teleport

D- Charge

Dragonzball P
CD-i Link Yes

N- Sword Lasah




Link: The Faces of Evil
Hatsune Miku Yes

N- Sing

S- Mic Whack

U- Screw You Attack

D- Kick Kombo

Edward Elric Yes

N- Human Transmutation

S- Sword Slice

U- Shield Burst

D- Transmute

Fullmetal Alchemist
Lilac Yes

N- Roll

S- Dragon Boost

U- Cyclone

D- Dragon Cyclone

Freedom Planet
Carol Yes

N- Wild Claw

S- Pounce

U- Motorbike

D- Wild Kicks

Freedom Planet
Silver Yes

N- Dark Ball

S- Vaporise

U- Teleport


Sonic 06
Sechizen (Shyouzen) Yes

N- Spirit Bomb

S- Necromatic Bolt

U- Relocation

D- Resentment Blast

Shyouzen VS Retards

Misc. Fighters

Mayro- Possibly the one (and only) example this game will ever have of a removed fighter. He's also the reason why this game's name was once renamed from "Supra Smash Bross" to "Supra Smash Browzer." Myrio had the same moveset until Mayday version DOS. He has been announced to be brought back to the roster for Version 6.

Luke Fon Fabre(?)- One image in the game (but Dummied Out) is an image called Fabre_still_0.

Note: For upcoming (and announced) fighters, please look at the section titled "Next Version Reveals"

Game Modes

Classic Mode

It's Classic Mode. There are three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

You play five stages: A Mario stage, Yoshi's Island or Fountain Of Dreams, Race to the Finish, a Metal Battle, and finally Master Hand and Crasy Hand.

Home-Run Contest

Similar to Melee's Home-Run Contest, There are no boundaries on the stage to keep the Sandbag in until the last second.

Your score is saved.

Target Test!

Characters with a unique Target Test play theirs, ones without play a placeholder target test from version 4.


Once you have unlocked all the characters, this final mode, All-Star, is unlocked. Just like SSB4's All Star, you fight characters in a certain order.

Event Match

A mode that was experimented with in Verizon 3, added back in Version 5 with events.



Two new characters have been confirmed: Feels Shulk and Mr. Game and What.

According to this article, the following will not be returning for Version 8:

  • Neera (Unknown)
  • Sechizen (Unknown, however the article says something about an event that may have caused this)
  • Lilac (Poor Moveset)
  • Carol (Poor Moveset)

And these characters will replace them:

  • Mr. Game and What
  • Gaynon
  • Mayhem [LAPFOX]
  • Mischief [LAPFOX]


No new stages have been showcased.

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