Supper Smash Brothers is a fighting game made by AzaCraft Entertainment. The concept behind Supper Smash Brothers is to make a spin-off of SSB with food items as the playable characters, yet make it a completely legitimate article.


Supper Smash Brothers is, let's face it, a clone of Super Smash Brothers. Nothing else we can really say.

Starting Characters

Character Description

Fried Chicken Leg

The Fried Chicken Leg is a traditonal balanced character, which can attack by banging itself against the floor like a drumstick to produce a shockwave, grow fried chicken wings on it's back and fly, or coat itself in a protective layer of hot sauce. 
A Single Grape
Just a single grape. It can roll around and avoid attacks easily, as well as fling itself at enemies to do damage. He can also grow into a bunch of grapes for a special attack.

The biscuit is a hard-hitting character, who can break itself into smaller pieces and then regenerate the rest of him back, leave behind a trail of crumbs that cause opponents to trip, or dip himself in a cup of tea to give himself some speed at the cost of some of his strength.

Mandarin Orange
The Mandarin Orange can attack by squirting out projectile orange juice, as well as roll around into people, damaging them. If the Mandarin Orange is damaged too much, it's peel will break off, leaving it completely vulnerable.
A heavyweight character, the hamburger can squash other characters under his weight and throw out the other ingredients of the hamburger (such as the tomato or lettuce) as projectiles. However, it takes a while for it to reload the ingredients.
A semi-clone of mandarin orange, lemon is stronger and, being a sour fellow, his sourness gives opponents a poison-like status effect, dealing rapid damage.
A Spot of Tea
Works well with the Biscuit character. A Spot of Tea can throw packets of tea leaves as projectiles and is the most proffesional out of all the foods. 
Pistachio Ice Cream
No. Nobody likes pistachio ice cream. Don't lie to yourself.

Unlockable Characters

Character Description How to Unlock
Known for being the Mario Bros. favorite food, because they're italian. Apparently. I dunno. The pasta can tangle you up or send globs of tomato sauce at your face, dealing massive damage as well as humiliation. Seriously, you just got pelted in the face with pasta sauce. Win 15 Matches
Big birthday cake
That Cake You Got For Your 5th Birthday
Ah, the innocent birthday cake, finally ready to battle. This particular cake is equipped with candles that can burn you to a crisp, cheesy messages written in frosting, and can split itself into pieces to distribute all the damage equally among your opponents, just like how birthday cake is distributed equally among the people at a birthday party. Or I dunno, sometimes the birthday kid gets the biggest slice, cause that kid is such a god damn special snowflake.  Win 35 Matches
That Bag of Carrot Sticks You Bought From The Grocery Store In An Attempt To Have A Healthier Diet That You Never Eat
These little guys have been staying in the fridge for a while now, so they're pretty cold and tough, allowing them to hit hard and they're numbers aren't to be messed with. These carrot sticks will have their revenge for being neglected for so long.  Win 50 Matches
Nothing beats a nice jelly-filled doughnut!

Win 1000000 Matches


  • Dinner Table - The standard stage. There are floating plates you can use as platforms.
  • Kitchen Counter - Another standard stage, but every once in a while a knife will come down and slash at you.
  • Picnic - You can fight on the picnic blanket or you can jump onto the picnic benches to get higher ground. However as a hazard, ants will sometimes come and carry you away. 
  • Dentist's Office - A stage filled with horrifying tools that you can use to fight enemies. As a hazard, a dentist will come and try to get rid of the fighters, deeming them "unhealthy food." 
  • Compost Mountain - A huge mountain made of dirt, banana peels, apple cores, and leftover salad from last night's dinner that nobody liked. The stage is a bit normal, but sometimes you'll end up slipping on a banana peel. 
  • Farmer's Market - A stage out in the field, where multiple people are selling fruits, veggies, and other things. You can jump on and around the market stands, but some of the market people will try to grab you and sell you, so watch out.

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