Superstition: World Tour
Developer(s) Vector Gaming, Inc.
Publisher(s) Vector Gaming, Inc.
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
TBA 2016
Genre(s) Party

Superstition: World Tour is a Party-game originally meant to be a board game called Superstition. In Superstition: World Tour the players control a character who is competing at a game show called Superstition in which the constants must find the Seven Lucky Cards which are hidden through out countries around the world. To do this, the constants must have at least $100 and buy a card from the Fortuneteller who might or not give the lucky card.

Superstition: World Tour is a party game similar to Mario Party, in which the countries are represented by boards and after each player have finished their turns, a minigame will play. The game has a planned 2016 release for the Wii U system.


In Superstition: World Tour, a group of sixteen characters, controlled by the players or the CPU. The players must travel around the board, each one based off a country, in a set amount of turns, in which each player must get money to be able to purchase the cards from the Fortuneteller. The game plays similarly to the Mario Party series, but a few new different things.


The Popularity Meter

First off, there is the days and popularity systems. The game has a day/night system, which each day and night only lasts for one turn. At the end of the week in-game time, a voting will take place, in which the public will vote on someone to get out of the game. This is where the Popularity System enters in, if the player is a popular and liked character by the public, then the player will have less chance to get voted off the game. If the player is not, then the chances of getting voted off the game are high. The players can get popular and liked if they win minigames, land on Fortune Spots and help other players during Team Minigames. The player is not liked when they don't win minigames, land on Unfortune Spots, steals items from other players and don't help the other players during Team Minigames.

Second, not all players join in the minigames, like in Mario Party. Due the high number of characters, only four characters (or six, if it is a team minigame) plays the minigames. The main gameplay mechanic of Superstition is superstitions. During turns, the player might enter the Superstition Spot, which is an one-player minigame based off superstitions. The Superstition Spot might change the player's luck depending of the minigame and depending of what the player did in the minigame, such as in the minigame "Spot the Cat", in which the players have to avoid finding the Black Cat, which in some superstitions, are believe to be a sign of bad luck. If the player finds the cat, then the player will have less luck in luck-based minigames and other events if the player doesn't, the player will have increased luck.

Game Modes

  • New Season: The story mode of the game where the player takes control of one of the characters as he tries to win the game show.
  • Single Board: Play through only one board.
  • World Tour: Play through at least 5 boards at once.
  • Online Play: Play against friends and foes worldwide.

Playable Characters


Starting Boards

Flag Name
Brazil Flag Brazil
Welcome to Brazil, a place where you can get public money for free if you say to people that you are going to help them *wink*. In Brazil, the difficulty comes in as Brazil's most famous landmark, bandits! The bandits may appear and steal your money, items and even cards so you better be careful when going into Brazil. That if you not die while there because that is almost an impossibility nowadays.

Unlockable Boards





  • The game was originally going to be a game based of the TV show Survivor, but the development team didn't managed to get the rights to adapt the series, so they decided to re-use the ideas into a new game.
  • A DLC expansion pack called Superstition: Solar System Tour was planned but it was canceled for unknown reasons.

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