Superstar Saga is a game by Jet Inc. for the Xtremely64.

Playable Characters

Super Mario: Evil Koopas


8-Bit Mario

Super Luigi 64


Super Yoshi Land


Super Wario Sunshine




Super Mario: Evil Koopas

Mario is playing Super Mario Bros. on his NES, but then he's sucked into the TV. He enters and sees that he's NSMB style while everything else is 8-bit. He decides to replace 8-bit Mario, but 8-Bit Mario wants to help. So the Marios go to defeat 8-bit Bowser.

Super Luigi 64

One day, Luigi is relaxing in his house and gets a letter. It reads:

Dear Luigi,

I was visiting your castle, and Bowser attacked. He kidnapped me and cursed your castle so that it's paintings warp to areas. PLEASE HELP ME!

Princess Toadstool, Peach

He immediatly runs off.

Super Yoshi Land

Yoshi is in his house and sees that on the news, a Birdo named Dirbo was kidnapped. Yoshi runs to Birdo's Island to save her.

Super Wario Sunshine

Wario goes to Isle Delfino for a vacation, but they think he spread weakness around the island, and therefore give him S.P.R.A. (pronounced "SPRAY" and stands for Super Powerful Robot Action) and order him to beat up all the weak people and make them strong. Wario does so.


This game envolves four smaller games you play to beat this big one. Mario's game is played like 2-player Super Mario Bros., Luigi's like SM64, Yoshi's like Super Mario Land and Wario's like Super Mario Sunshine.