The Supernova Market is a feature in Super Smash Bros. Supernova; it is a feature new to the series, thought it is similar to the Trophy Shop in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The store will stock six trophies, cycled out every 24 hours, much like its predecessor. Stages, as well as costumes and alternates for characters, may also be purchased. Purchases are made using the in-game coins, which are obtained in a manner very similar to the previous two installments in the series.

There is a slim chance that an item will be 25% off, or an even smaller chance for 50% off, on any given day.

Trophy Stock

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Every 24 hours, at midnight in the player's respective time zone, a random set of six trophies are available for purchase. The trophies are limited; those normally obtained through the Classic, Adventure, and All-Star modes will never appear on the shelves.

Character Stock

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Characters have 7 alternately-colored variants of their normal outfit, but an alternate costume can be purchased for some characters here, which comes with 7 color variants. Some characters also have an alternate, which changes no only their model, but name and voice as well; these alternates come with their own 8 colors.

Character Feature Prices Unlock Criteria
SSBAntagonizeMarioStockhead Mario Tanooki Suit (costume) 200 coins Clear Classic as Mario
Dr. Mario (alternate) 500 coins Clear a Smash Run battle as Mario
Inkling Stock Head Inkling Octoling (alternate) 500 coins Clear Classic as Inkling

Stage Stock

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Once certain criteria is met, various stages will be put on sale.

Stage Prices Unlock Criteria
WarioWare Inc. SSB Wario Symbol 750 coins None
Yoshi's Story SSB Yoshi Symbol 750 coins None
Temple SSB The Legend of Zelda Symbol 750 coins None
Onett SSB EarthBound Symbol 750 coins None
Arena Ferox SSB Fire Emblem Symbol 750 coins None
The Great Cave Adventure SSB Kirby Symbol 750 coins None
Starlight Garden SSB Fantasy Life Symbol 1000 coins None

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