Supernova is the biggest village other than New Pork City seen in Mother 3.5. It is more of a town/city, actually. It is one of the several settlements made on Supernova Island. You can reach it by traveling on the Ocean Railway from Nova Village. Supernova is home to many tourists, and has a few buildings that are more than just a couple of stories high. There are expensive restaurants, but cheap ones too. There are a couple of hotels to stay at, and a particular building where you can optionally get yourself a house of your own, since your old house was mysteriously blown apart by a direct lightning strike. There are a few entertainment areas like an arcade, concert hall, cinema and even a waterpark, which is ironic as the beach is right nearby. Still, plenty of people pay attention to the beach. There is a large mall here as well where you can stock up on various items if you've got the cash. The back allies of Supernova are sometimes dangerous places to be, as you might get into a fight.

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