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super smash bros : pineaple is game maded by me, do not edit plese. it fetures alot of characters but not alot from pooptendo becuz they sux. it called pineaple becuz ther is fruoot


luigi : i put him in because he is stupid like the oters

wario : he is fat

walugi : i dont like him but i ws maded by yu menies

poope link : he is mad from poop cuz he is like games

leming : he make mor falls in final smash

master cheef : he shoot poope pooptendo charcters

bioshok : this guy can mak thing float

metroid : this is girl so cant be god

yoshi : i like yoshi

twilight: ponie stupid not in game

ranebo das: dasi for smashy

kazzoie: no banjoo