Super Smash Bros. 5
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Super Smash Bros. 5 is the newest installment of the Smash Bros. franchise. It currently has 16 starting characters, 5 unlockable characters, and 3 secret characters. Updates are planned to include more characters, stages, and more.

Pre-unlocked characters

Image Character Series
Mario Mario
Luigi Mario
KRtDL Kirby hi2
Kirby Kirby


dedede Kirby
PEach MArio
Link ZElda


MR gameand watch N/A
IKe Fire emblem
ROy FIre emblem
Fox Star fox
FAlco Star fox
Pikachu Pokemon
Lucario Pokemon
Greninja Pokemon
Olimar PIkmin

Series: stack-up/gyromite

Image above

Unlockable characters

ImAge Character SEries HOw to unlock
WOlf Star fox
  1. Complete classic mode eas fox on iintensity 9.0
  2. Do 5 matches
  3. Get wolf to join you In story mode
Wario Mario 1.complete classic mode with mario o intensity 8.0 or higher

2. Do 10 matches

3. Get wario to join you in story mode

Waluigi Mario I. Kill 4 enemies in cruel smash with luigi

2. Do 15 matches

3.get waluigi to join you in story mo

DUck hunt dog Duck hunt 1.kill 6 enemies in cruel smash

2. Do 20 matches.

3.get duck hunt dog to join you in story mode

Meta knight Kirby

1. Complete classsic mode with kiby on Intensity 9.0

2. Do 30 matches.

3. Get meta knigt to join you in story mode.

Jigglypuff Pokemon

1. Use peachs final smash 5 times. 40 matches.

3. Get jigglypuff to join you in story mode.

Garchomp Pokemon

1. Get a score of 3600 or more on home run smash. 55 matches.

3. Get garchomp to join you in story mode.

Secret characters

ImAge Character Series How to unlock
DAisy Mario Play the super mario bros. 2 masterpiece 20 times.
Marth ire emblemI Win 2matches as roy or ike0

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