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( intro plays)

( camera goes to goombella's house)

(goombella is sleeping but gets up)

goombella: why do I fell sick?

(goombella runs to bathroom)

(goombella is heard vomiting but can not be seen)

goombella: might be pregnant.

camera man: dun dun dun

(goombella is angry at the camera man)

camera man: uh run away? RUN AWAY!

(camera man runs away)

goombella: time to go to the store.

(camera zooms in on a place that says mushroom kingdom store)

goombella: let's see here pregnancy testers pregnancy testers

(mario is seen shoping)

mario: ahh!

goombella: ahh!

(mario almost hits goombella)

mario: sorry goombella

goombella: that's okay but do you know where pregnancy testers are?

mario: I went past them they are two isles up.

goombella: thanks

( goombella walks past mario )

mario: arentt you gonna say bye?

Goombella: bye

mario: bye

goombella: there they are!

(Goombella is seen looking at a shelf full of pregnancy testers while gods can be heard singing)

gombella: just get one of these.

(Gombella picks up a pregnancy tester buys it and goes home)

goombella: now to use it.

(goombella Is heard peeing in it but not seen)

goombella: time to see if imm pregnant or not.

(a purple line appears on the pregnancy tester)

(goombelaa has a gigantic smile on her face)

goombella: I'M PREGNANT!!!

(goombella phones her friends and tells them about the face that shess pregnant and they are happy)

(goombella thinks of what life will be like with the baby goomba)

(a montage plays showing the baby goomba it grown up goombella at it's wedding and goombella with it's child)

( credits play while a guy on the top talks about a product called suicide fun )

Guy on top screen: hi billy mays here from suicide fun a product whereyou hook it up play with it and die.

billy mays: here is a example.

( a video goes shows a kid going upside down on a silver bar falling and dieing)

billy mays: that's not all call right know and I will double the offer sending you two suicide fun's so you can kill yourself twice.

(toad turns off the tv the commercial was on)

toad: this tv sucks.

(toad throws the remote at the tv breaking it)

toad: i'm Supriesed that toadette is pregnant.

goombi: did you heat my crush goombella is pregnant with my child.

(toad is watching black yoshi and the birds season final but his face turns to goombi)

toad: WHAT!?

(credits finish)

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