It is a story that Micool26 and JesseRoo have to make seperately. Whoever makes a better version of it becomes the story writer for NextGen Games, inc. Whoever loses becomes the secondary one. Each person will make their own versions whenever they want unless there becomes a deadline.

Micool's version


 There are alot of treasures in the world. But some not like this. There are six Legendary coins. They are,pink,blue,green,orange, brown and black. They each have special abilities. But when combined with a red and yellow one they combine with eachother and form into the legendary Rainbow coin. They can light the darkest caves or even the darkest souls. Why is this important information? It's because the story I'm going to tell you today Marks the day when Luigi and mario were looking for them. The story is called...


While Mario was with the princess, Luigi is just doing laundry with the new washing machine Proffesor  E. Gadd made for him called The Gadd Washer. Then the phone rang. Luigi picked up the phone. Luigi: Hello? ??????: Hey you listen up see! I have the PRINCESSES hostage! You better meet my demands or your Princess Is Dead see! I want the Five other Legendary coins or else you can say goodbye to your pretty princesses. So you better come give them to Me or else there both good as gone! Hello? Hello? Lugi: *crying loudly* He knows one of them is peach and the other is daisy. But if princess Peach got kidnapped what happened to Mario? He cried more. No! he said out loud "Mario wouldn't be crying if he was here, he would save the princesses! He would find him if it was the other way around. So that's what luigi had to do! So he searched all around to find Mario. He found Mario laying on the floor. Luigi panicked! He then took a 1-up mushroom to give to Mario. He opened his mouth and slid it down his throat. Mario recoverd. Luigi asked him what happened. He said a shadowy figure battled him. He was short and had a black mask. He had great power. He also talked with a strange but famillar accent. Before he blacked out he had said something about getting the other princess and then his demands would be met. Luigi then told him he stole Daisy and demanded the six legendary coins or else. So they went to see Professor E Gadd.

Professor E Gadd told about them and there powers. There was a man named Rono who made them. He was part god, he couldn't be hurt but he could die. Something he loved was money. So he decided to make them even more important by giving them power. So he made a pink one for love,a blue one for flight, a green one for land and plants,orange for speed, brown for power and black for darkness. The black one was made to remind you that when there is good there is evil. There was of course the yellow and the red and when those combineded with those The most powerfullest coin is born. The legendary Rainbow coin. But yet he only asked for five. So that might mean that he alredy has the dark coin. Professor E Gadd then tells that they scatter across the world every 180 years so they do move to different locations at times. Then professor E Gadd then gave them The Dsi Locater for It to be easier to find them. So now it was up to Mario and Luigi to find the coins and save the princesses.

To be continued

JesseRoo's Version

"Mario." Bowser calmly stated as the two rivals stared into each other's eyes. "For long, I have been waiting for the moment I may be able to have the statisfaction of killing you". Mario held his hammer out in an attacking stance. "True peace requires violence to be achieved, right Mario?" Bowser laughed. Mario looked as if he was pondering this for a second, and promptly rushed forwards; hammer in hand. Bowser jumped over Mario and launched a stream of fire towards his life-long rival. Mario quickly rolled out of the way and, facing the opposite direction, suddenly turned around and sent a fireball streaming towards the king of the Koopa Kingdom. The battle raged on throughout the night, until the castle suddenly began shaking. "If I cannot kill you, then we will both die" Bowser said and stared upwards as rubble began to fall from the roof of his castle. Mario, being a hero, grabbed Bowser's hand and began pulling him along, gradually building up speed as he sped towards a nearby window. "What are you doing?" Bowser asked. "The death of you won't bring peace" Mario said as he jumped out of the window, pulling Bowser out along with him. The two fell directly into a nearby river, and were both knocked unconscious.

When Mario awoke, he was in the Star Haven. "Hmm?" Mario said as he looked around, trying to work out how he got there. As he pondered his current whereabouts, he was approached by Eldstar, the oldest of the Star Spirits. "Mario. Do you know the legend of the Terra Coins?" the Star Spirit asked Mario. Mario shook his head. "Sigh... I guess I shall explain it to you then." Eldstar said.

When the Mushroom World was formed by the stars, it was decided that rather than the stars having to constantly maintain it's integrity by remaining at Star Road, they wished to be able to talk to the inhabitants of their world and so they created the eight Terra Coins to hold the planet together. Each Terra Coin contains power rivalling that of the Star Spirits, but can only be utilized by one with a pure heart. If a Terra Coin is to be removed from it's natural place, that area of the Mushroom World will seperate from the rest, floating off into space.

"So that is the legend of the Terra Coins" Eldstar finished. Mario nodded. "Should I stop Bowser?" Mario asked. "No. The Mushroom World is under threat from a much more powerful force; every thousand years, this force needs to find itself a new resting place in space and has chosen the current location of our world, unaware that our planet even exists" Eldstar stated. "You must collect the Terra Coins, and seperate our world into pieces; after our world has been seperated, this powerful being will enter the area between the pieces; returning all of the Terra Coins at the same time will then cause the world to reform, and trap this being inside the planet. But to do this, you will need seven other peeople helping you; I will teleport you to Peach's Castle, where you may discuss the matter with your princess". Mario nodded, as he was engulfed in a blue light.

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