The Super Yukimazamom Adventure Show is a series of fanfiction all about the wonderful adventures of Yukimazamom.

NOTICE: This show is not made to make fun of Yukimazan. It is made to stretch what was said on chat into a ridiculous series, and to parody the Yukimazan Adventure Series.



  • Yukimazamom: A superhelpful dude who tells everyone how to improve their studies in the summer, along with other unneeded advice.
  • Samurai Fish: A tasty side dish full of fish! Samurai Fish doesn't want to go to bed at 11:00 pm, and thus he is Yukimazamom's worst enemy.
  • Hemu: A god who likes to prove Yukimazamom wrong.
  • 1337doom: A god who likes to watch arguments unfold.
  • SonicWiki: A bystander.
  • Bad Guy: A guy who's bad. He likes giving kids candy, which makes them hyper so they don't go to bed at 11. Another one of Yukimazamom's enemies.
  • The Cow: One of Hemu's friends
  • YoshiEggington: One of Yukimazamom's best friends. He doesn't like the way Hemu treats Yukimazamom

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