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Super Yoshi U is an upcoming yoshi game for the Wii U as mentioned in name. It will be a 1-2 player platformer game.


Name Picture
Yoshi Can kick-paddle-jump
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Closhi Can spit purple fireballs


  • World 1
  • World 2
  • World 3
  • World 4
  • World 5
  • World 6
  • World 7
  • World 8
  • World Star


  • Fire Flower (makes you red with a white shell and spit fireballs)
  • Ice Flower (makes you light blue with a green shell and spit ice balls)
  • Blimp Fruit (makes you blue and puff up, you can float up for a short time)
  • Dash Pepper (makes you dash super fast for a short time)
  • Super Star (makes you invinsible)

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