Super Yoshi RPG is an upcoming game for the Nintendo 3DS. In this game, Yoshi has to defeat go on an adventure to stop Bowser from getting his hold on the evil Grand Ztar, while defeating enemies along the way. 


The story starts out with Mario, Luigi, and Peach on a vacation to the Beanbean Kingdom. Peach promised the Mario Bros. and Yoshi a great big feast as soon as they could get home. Their flight back to the Mushroom Kingdom was delayed and they were trapped there for a few more days. While that happened, Bowser is told by Kamek that an artifact called the Grand Ztar has finally reached maximum power that day and that whomever retrieves it will become very powerful. Bowser goes and looks for the Grand Ztar. Yoshi decides to put a stop to Bowser's evil plot as he is the only one left. 

Story (detailed)

First, Yoshi had to traverse through his island in order to get to the Mushroom Kingdom. He battles enemies such as Shy Guys, Piranha Plants and Tap-Taps in order to get to the ferry. The ferry will get him to the Mushroom Kingdom.

When Yoshi gets to the Mushroom Kingdom, he arrives near the outskirts of Toad Town, which is being overrun by Koopas, Goombas as well as many other enemies. Yoshi battles them as he makes his way to Bowser's Castle. 

It is not too long after Yoshi arrives at Bowser's Castle. He makes his way past the Thwomps and finds himself in the throne room of the castle. Bowser, Bowser Jr. and Kamek were there, but unfortunately, so was the Grand Ztar in a container with a force field around it. Bowser and Bowser Jr. challenge Yoshi to a battle which he wins. Bowser Jr. is knocked out. Bowser thens sprinkles himself with some of Kamek's magic, making him grow a little bigger. Another battle with Bowser commences. After another victory, both Bowser and Bowser Jr. were knocked out. The Grand Ztar's force field all of a sudden just breaks, and the Grand Ztar knocks Bowser and Bowser Jr. out of the castle while Kamek flees. The Grand Ztar splits itself into clouds of smoke and surrounds Yoshi. Then, the clouds of smoke join together again as a dark clone of Yoshi, called Dark Yoshi. Dark Yoshi runs out the castle and flees to Yoshi's Island.

Yoshi chases Dark Yoshi and when he catches up, he has a battle with Dark Yoshi. After Dark Yoshi is defeated, it splits into the clouds of smoke again and turns back to its original form where it flies away to the entrance of Toad Town. Yoshi goes back to Toad Town and witnesses the Grand Ztar shoot a laser which opens a portal to Dark Orb, the land conjured up by the Grand Ztar. The Grand Ztar goes into the portal with Yoshi following. With the Grand Ztar finally cornered, Yoshi battles it and finally defeats it.

Yoshi escapes Dark Orb through the portal and goes back to the entrance of Toad Town just in time to see Mario, Luigi, and Peach arrive back. Yoshi then heads into Peach's Castle for a well-deserved feast. 

Battle System

The battle system in this game is very similar to the battle system in the Mario & Luigi games. Yoshi must touch an enemy or perform a First Strike on them. The battle will then begin. The player and the enemies will take turns attacking. Well timed attacks do more damage.


HP-How much health Yoshi has. Getting hit by an enemy makes Yoshi lose HP. HP can be replenished eating a Melon.  Losing all of your HP results in a game over. Yoshi can be revived by an Apple or Apple Deluxe.

FP-Points used for Special Attacks. Each Special Attack uses up a certain amount of FP. FP can be restored by eating a Yoshi Cookie.

Power-How powerful Yoshi is. The higher the power, the more damage he can do.

Defense-How resistant Yoshi is to attacks. The higher the defense, the less damage taken.

Speed-How fast Yoshi is. The higher the speed, the earlier he can attack in battle.

Yoshi's Battle System

Yoshi's action commands are Jump, Tongue, Special Attacks, Items and Flee. Yoshi's Jump is a regular jump followed by a series of flutter kicks. Yoshi's Tongue is Yoshi's tongue lashing out and hitting the enemy. Yoshi's Special Attacks consist of two different attacks that can be used instead of Jump and Tongue. Items are used to restore HP and FP. Flee is for leaving battles but coins are dropped.

Special Attacks

The two Special attacks are Yoshi Egg and Yoshi Clan. 

Yoshi Egg-This attack is similar to the Smash Egg. The player must press A when the Yoshi Egg comes to Yoshi, and Yoshi will kick the egg at the enemy. The egg will bounce off the enemy and fly back up into the air again. The player must move Yoshi to where the egg is and kick it back again.

Yoshi Clan-Yoshi will blow a whistle and many other Yoshis will come. They will all take turns jumping on the enemy and when they do so, the player must press A everytime.

Initial Stats

  • HP-7
  • FP-5
  • Power-4
  • Defense-4
  • Speed-7


  • Melon-Default 
  • Apple-Level 5 (1 piece of gear)
  • Banana-Level 10  (Learn Yoshi Egg)
  • Grape-Level 15 (Learn Yoshi Clan)
  • Watermelon-Level 20 (Get Dino Boots)


Image Name Effect
Melon Heals 5 HP
Super Melon Heals 10 HP
New Leaf Apple
Apple Revives with 50% HP
New Leaf Apple
Apple Deluxe Revives with 100% HP
Yoshi's Beta Cookie
Yoshi Cookie Restores 5 SP
Yoshi's Beta Cookie
Super Yoshi Cookie Restores 10 SP


  • Yoshi's Island
  • Toad Town
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Dark Orb


Name Effect Sell Price
Dino Boots All stats increase by 2 20 coins
POW Saddle Power+2 4 coins
DEF Saddle Defense+2 4 coins
SPEED Saddle Speed+2 4 coins


Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
Shy Guy 1 5 2 Yoshi's Island
Piranha PlantM&LRiA
Piranha Plant 2 10 4 Yoshi's Island
Nep-Enut DS
Nep-Enut 4 20 8 Yoshi's Island
Goonie 3 15 6 Yoshi's Island
Tap-Tap 4 20 8 Yoshi's Island
Goomba 5 25 10 Toad Town
Koopa 6 30 12 Toad Town
Blooper 7 35 14 Toad Town
Lakitu 8 40 16 Toad Town
Thwomp 9 45 18 Bowser's Castle


Normal Bosses

Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
Bowser  10 50 20 Bowser's Castle
Bowser Jr. 5 25 10 Bowser's Castle
Giant Bowser 16 80 32 Bowser's Castle
Dark Yoshi 40 200 80 Yoshi's Island
Grand Ztar 80  400 160 Dark Orb

X Bosses

Image Name HP EXP Coins Location
Bowser X 20 0 50 (total)  Battle Arena
Bowser Jr. X 10 0 50 (total) Battle Arena
Giant Bowser X 32 0 100 Battle Arena
Dark Yoshi X 80 0 200 Battle Arena
Grand Ztar X 160  0 400 Battle Arena


The overworld of this game is similar to the overworld of the Mario & Luigi games with a blend of the Paper Mario games. It features areas that can be explored and out-of-battle techniques used to reach certain places or gain access to certain places. Overworld icons display what Yoshi can do. Yoshi uses two buttons in the overworld, A to jump and B to hit things with his tongue. Later in the game, Yoshi learns ground pound and egg roll. Switch to them by pressing R, then press A to ground pound and B to roll around in an egg. 

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