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Super Yoshi Babies is a 2013 Gamecube game starring Yoshi as the main character. The Gameplay is mostly defeating monsters and solving puzzles.


Yoshi and his friend, Baby Bowser, are having a picnic when the evil wizard, Karmagikoopa, swoops in and kidnapps Yoshi's friends and turns them into babies. Karmagikoopa then uses his magic to transform various animals of the Yoshi Island into monsters. Yoshi and Bowser quickly run off to save thier friends and stop Karmagikoopa!


There are 3 basic controls for Yoshi. The player uses the control stick to move Yoshi and the A button is used for jumping. When Yoshi defeats a Dork Stork he gets the Baby Bowser power up and Baby Bowser can spit fireballs at enemies using the X button. Yoshi and Bowser journey through 7 lands, Yoshi Villiage, Egg Palace, the Kooky Kaw Kaw Tower, Bubble Glubble Lake, the Sweet Fruit Garden and the Black Magic Castle.


Ditzy Koopa (fought in Yoshi Villiage)

Badaboom (fought in Egg Palace)       

King Storky Dorky (fought in Kooky Kaw Kaw tower)   
Stork dork

Stork Dork

Porcupoffie (fought in Bubble Glubble Lake)

Mitzy Koopa (fought in Sweet Fruit Garden)

Karmagikoopa (fought in Black Magic Castle)


"Stupid Yoshi. Your pathetic little minds could not devise a plan smarter than I." -Karmagikoopa

"BadaBOOM!" -Badaboom

"So! Finally come to face your fears, eh, Yoshi-boy? Don't make me laugh! I'll crush you like a bug." -Mitzy

"Well, Well! If it isn't the little dino-dunce and his baby shell urchin? Welcome, my friends, to your DOOM!" -Ditzy

"We ain't scared of you!" -Baby Bowser

"Hoh! I thought for sure that would be it!" -Yoshi

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