Super YoshiEgg Galaxy is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors.


YoshiEgg Nook and his best friend Bloop were returning to McBoo's Mansion, where a party was being thrown for them and the grand re-opening of their shack. Almost every good person they had met on their previous journeys were there, including Item Master, Clyde, Booberry, and more. Even YoshiEgg's girlfriend, Tulip Nook, was there, who gave him a big kiss on the cheek on his and Bloop's arrival. M'Icho was there, as well. He greeted YoshiEgg and Bloop by giving them each high-fives and a present. The grand re-opening banner was hung on YoshiEgg's shack. Just as YoshiEgg and Bloop stepped into the shack, the sky turned black and The Groo appeared above the crowd of people in a UFO. "BRAWHAWHAWHAW!!!" laughed The Groo, "Hello, YoshiEgg Nook and Bloop! Long time, no see! You may be wondering why I came here... No reason, except to bring back every last Groo that you and your pathetic ancestors killed! BRAWHAWHAW!! Now, as for you, Nook, time for you and your little friend to visit the sky..." Suddenly, The Groo beamed up Tulip Nook in his UFO and slowly flew away. Looking back and suspecting YE & Bloop to jump onto the UFO to save Tulip, he flew a little closer to the ground and chuckled as they jumped on the UFO. Then, The Groo blasted YoshiEgg and Bloop with a powerful laser beam and the duo flew into the sky. "Hope you have fun up there, boys! BRAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!!!!" yelled The Groo.

YoshiEgg Nook, without Bloop, woke up on a strange green planet. A bunny hopped over to him. "Hello, mister!" said the bunny, "Hmm... You're a funny fellow! The last funny fellow who was around here had a red hat and overalls on! And he was real jumpy! We also got him to play hide-and-seek with me and my buddies! Do you wanna' play?" YoshiEgg responded with a low-pitched "Yup!" as he chased the bunny and his friends around the planet. After finding all the bunnies, they turned into Lumas and danced around YoshiEgg. YE nodded as to say "goodbye" and he then ran to the opposite side of the planet. He noticed a Power Star floating up by a warp pipe. Astonished, he ran to get the star until it somehow disappeared...

More to come...

Playable CharactersEdit

  • YoshiEgg Nook - The main hero. Can Jump, Ground-pound, Star Spin, Wall Jump, and use all available power-ups.
  • Bloop - Available after YE's game is beaten. Can do everything YE can do but can jump way higher and float.


The gameplay is similar to that of Super Mario Galaxy.