Super Ybrik is a game for the Nintendo Wristshot by Magmoor Games inc.,  

Super Ybrik
Developer(s) Magmoor Games inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Fantendo.
Platform(s) Nintendo Wristshot
Release Date(s)
March 11, 2009
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action/Adventure
Media Included Micro Disk

it was released in March 2009 and it is the first game in the Ybrik Series.


The gameplay is much like that of Kirby 64 with a few twists, copy abilities are no longer gained by eating enemies, instead, Ybrik has to collect special items like Samus to get powers. Instead of puffing up to fly, Ybrik transforms into a balloon. Plus, Ybrik has different abilities.


Ybrik: Our hero, Ybrik often finds himself saving Star Land from the Tribe of Shadow.

Princess Crystalline: The ruler of Star Land, in this game though, she doesn't do much.

Messenger Hand: A flying hand that serves as Crystalline's messenger.

Elite Shady: The Miniboss, you fight one of these every time you beat a world, except on the last world.

Shades: The Main Boss of the game.


The game starts in Crystal Palace in the Crystal Realm, The Princess and her advisors are having tea, suddenly, a black portal opens and Shades and his Shadow Army step out, in the ensuing battle between the castle guards and the Shadow Army, Shades blasts the Starboros with a Dark Blast, shattering them into twenty pieces, the battle ends when the Shadow Army warps away.   Meanwhile Ybrik is having a nap on his front porch when Messenger Hand flies up. He hands Ybrik a letter which Ybrik reads, he then looks at the hand and shakes his head. Enraged, Messenger Hand flicks Ybrik to the palace. Ybrik meets with the princess, who tells him that if they don't get the Starboros back, Star Land will be destroyed by the Black Hole. Ybrik says he doesn't care and the princess has Messenger Hand flick him to the first realm.

After a long, hard trek through Star Land's four Realms, Ybrik arrived back at the palace with the four Starboros. The Princess thanks him, but then, Shades appears and he blasts Ybrik through the roof, laughing as he follows, as she watches, Crystalline throws Ybrik a Mystic Cape. Once in the air, Ybrik grabs the cape and Shades flies up, transforming into a beast which is his true form. As he and Ybrik crash land on a meteor approaching the Black Hole, the Starboros (which Ybrik still had) merge into the Star Staff which Ybrik uses to defeat the beast. In the battle's aftermath, Ybrik flies away with the Cape as the meteor (with Shades still on it) is sucked into the collapsing Black Hole. Then the credits start while Ybrik flies back to his house. (Dropping the Starboros at the palace on the way)


Ybrik gains the following Items in this order:

(Please note: all effects of all items are temporary, except the Mystic Cape.)


Morph Badge/Transforming: Gained at the beginning of the game, allows Ybrik to become a balloon and fly.

Ghost Cloak/Vanish: Gained in World 1, Ybrik can become transparent, he's now invincible to enemy attack and he can pass through special walls and floors.

Lightbulb/Shine: Gained at the end of World 3, Same as above, but invisible Ybrik as an aura that kills any enemies that touch it.

Mystic Cape/Fly: Gained at the final boss replaces Morph Badge, Ybrik can fly unlimitedly.

Star Staff/Light Burst: Gained at the final boss, replaces all items except Mystic Cape, Ybrik can shoot Light Bursts.


Game Controls

Control Pad Up: Use Morph Badge/Mystic Cape.

Control Pad Left/Right: Walk/Run

A Button: Jump

B Button: Use Ability

Start/Pause: Pause the game/access the menu

Menu Controls

Control Pad: Move the Cursor

A Button: Select

B Button: Cancel

Start/Pause: Exit Menu