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The game cover. Credits go to someone on MyGameCover.


Wario was sitting in a chair, in front of his house, picking his nose, when a large ship flew by. The ship opened a portal into space, but before it went, it dropped a jewel. Wario picked it up. He then thought that if he could get that ship, he could be rich! Wario built a spaceship and went after the ship.

Wario tracked down a lot of gems, but they guarded by the dreaded Monster Mole! Wario fought the mole by pounding his belly, and collected a Grand Jewel! He took it back and realized it was worth much more than a regular Jewel. He then set out to collect all of the Grand Jewels!


World 1

Sapphire Station Galaxy

Bandinero Blast Galaxy

Space Jungle Galaxy

Bitter Sweet Galaxy

Cosmic Treehouse Galaxy

Monster Mole's Jewel Extractor (Boss)

World 2

Monster Mash Galaxy

Flying High Galaxy

Nintendo Madness Galaxy

Sunshine Cove Galaxy

Dark House Galaxy

Octofist's Crystal Generator

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7

World 8


  • Leon, a Koopaleon who can help you climb special walls.
  • Wario! Our ummm..hero..
  • Black Jewel! Could he have anything to do with this?
  • The mysterious Shadow Wario


Coming Soon

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