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Super Wario Galaxy
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Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
North America:


Single player
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Platform

Super Wario Galaxy is a 3D platformer game to be realeasd for the Wii.



Image Name Description
WarioTime Wario Wario is slow but very power full he gose in to space to get his treasure and save Mona from Dr. Marc but first he must help Rosalina get the power stars back from Dr. Marc and Wario gets his treasure back along the way.
N/A Dr. Marc Dr. Marc is an evil genius with an IQ of 170 he steals Warios treasure and kidnaps Mona he also takes the power stars from Rosalina's observatory so he can use them to take over all the galaxys and space.
Monafromwario Mona Mona comes down to Wario's castle to vist him but he was not in but then she saw Dr. Marc taking Warios treasure she trys to stop him but she fails and end up being Dr. Marc's Hostage.
250px-WaluigiMP8a Waluigi Waluigi appears where he often teams up with Wario to save the universe from being ruled by Dr. Marc, and to retrieve the Power Stars for Rosalina. As a playable character Waluigi can be found at the beginning of certain levels. Walk over to him and talk to him. He will then ask the player if he can jump in. Waluigi can jump higher and run faster than Wario, but is harder to stop but to play as him Wario must 1st find 25 power stars then Rosalina will give you a message saying a purple guy was looking for you.
PrincessRosalina Rosalina Rosalina helps Wario to get to all the galaxys so he can find her power stars, his treasure and save Mona.
Luma Luma Luma becomes Wario's guide and gives Wario the ability to do the spin attack. Luma can be controled by a 2nd player (if u have 2 Wii Remotes) and he works just like how the Co-Star Luma works in Super Mario Galaxy 2
N/A Dark Wario With the DNA from Wario treasure Dr. Marc was able to create a evil clone of Wario. (which he named Dark Wario) Dark Wario is Dr. Marc right hand man he will protect and serve Dr. Marc at all costs

Wario's Transformations

Wario has his ability to gain different abilities via eatting food. Here is the list of his abilities.

Image Name Food Needed To Transform Description
Bouncywario Bouncy Wario Pasta When Wario eats the pasta he will turn in to a spring which is able to let him jump higher, but is no longer able to run. Instead, he simply bounces around the level. Using this form, Wario is able to bounce very high to reach items hidden in the air. It also grants him the power to climb very steep inclines in a slinky-like fashion and he can use it to get to higher places. If Wario takes damage, touches water, or lands on a Launch Star or Sling Star, however, the form is lost.
Puffywario Puffy Wario Shrimp When Wario eats the shrimp he will then swell up, filling his head with air, allowing him to slowly float upward he can use this to get to higher places. This show that Wario must have an allergic reaction to shrimp (this power-up has a time limit).
Invisiblewario Invisible Wario Potion When Wario eats the potion he will turn Invisible which alows him to walk through metal fences and certain walls. (this power-up has a time limit).
Fatwario Fat Wario Burger When Wario eats the burger he will put on weight and become very obese then Wario can brake blocks that normal Wario couldn't do, walk under water and enemies bounce off his stomach. Fat Wario is very slow (slower then normal Wario) Wario gose back to normal by walking for awhile.
Frozenwario Ice Wario Ice Cream When Wario eats the ice cream his body turns into solid ice. While granted this form, any water or lava he touches freezes solid in the form of a hexagonal platform (which melts after a period of time if left unoccupied). This allows Wario to walk or skate across vast distances of water or lava with ease and safety. Ice Wario can also freeze water spouts and waterfalls, which usually grant him passage to higher areas (this power-up has a time limit).
Vampirewario Bat Wario Pumpkin When Wario eats the pumpkin he will turn in to a bat now he can he can fly to higher places To turn back into his normal self he must go into a patch of light or land in water. The patches of light become obstacles for Bat Wario, as he must avoid them when he does not wish to resume his adventure in his normal state.
Flamingwario Fire Wario Chilli When Wario eats a chilli he will comically start racing around with his pants on fire soon, the flames will spread across his entire body, making him essentially a living Fireball. In this state he can mealt certain blocks, mealt metal poles and enemies cach fire when they touch him. This can be cured by falling into water or just waiting until he burns out (this power-up has a time limit).
Wario-Man Wario-Man Rotten Garlic When Wario eats a rotten garlic he becomes Wario-Man which makes him invincible. Any enemy that comes in contact with Wario will get defeated. Wario-Man can also run faster then normal Wario (this power-up has a time limit).


Image Name Description
Coin Coin
N/A Garlic When Wario eats this he gets an extra life (this item works like Mario's 1-Up Mushroom)
N/A Pasta When Wario eats this he becomes Bouncy Wario
N/A Shrimp When Wario eats this he becomes Puffy Wario
N/A Potion When Wario eats this he becomes Invisible Wario
N/A Burger When Wario eats this he becomes Fat Wario
N/A Ice Cream When Wario eats this he becomes Ice Wario
N/A Pumpkin When Wario eats this he becomes Bat Wario
N/A Chilli When Wario eats this he becomes Fire Wario
N/A Rotten Garlic When Wario eats this he becomes Wario-Man


Image Name Description
N/A Handy Man Handy Man is a large robot created by Dr. Marc
N/A Tarantix Tarantix is a large spider robot created by Dr. Marc
N/A Deathsting Deathsting is a large wasp robot created by Dr. Marc
Bouldergeist Bouldergeist A boss from Mario Galaxy 1
BigBob-Omb King Bob-omb A boss from Super Mario 64
Mg4 Gobblegut A boss from Mario Galaxy 2