Super Wario Bros: The wor-

Toad: SHUT UP!

Anyway, it's a fanfiction revolving around Wario and Waluigi. Enjoy.


Main Characters:

  • Wario
  • Waluigi
  • Bowser 
  • Boshi
  • Wade

Villains (the good guys in the games):

  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Peach
  • More who will appear

Mushroom Police:

  • Toad
  • Yoshi

Chapter 1: How to not rob a bank

Wario was eating food while Waluigi was watching TV. "Wario" said Waluigi. "What?" asked Wario. "Are you bored?" asked Waluigi. "Yeah" said Wario "Me too" said Waluigi.

(2 hours later)

"Ok, what do we do now?" said Wario. They sat and thought about what to do. "Let's rob a bank"  said Waluigi "Yeah" said Wario "TO THE WARIO CAR!" said Waluigi. (It has two seats, ok) They went to the garage and drove out in the Wario Car. They drove around, knocking down lots  of Toads


"Here's your coins" said the banktoad. Just then the doors came off their hinges and Wario and Waluigi came in through the doors. "Freeze suckers" said Wario. "Give us the money. All of it" said Waluigi. "Ok here you go" said the banktoad. 

Wario and Waluigi ran to the Wario Car and drove away with the money. "Mamma mia, they've-a robbed the bank!" said Mario "We should call the police!" said Luigi as he dialled 549.

(Meanwhile, in Toad and Toadette's house)

Toad and Yoshi were playing New Super Mario Bros Wii just as Toadette came back with the shopping. The phone then went and Toad answered it. "Hello there, what do you need?" asked Toad. "THERE'S BEEN A ROBBERY STAGED BY WARIO AND WALUIGI!" Luigi screamed through the phone. "We're on it!" said Toad. "What is it?" asked Yoshi. "We've got a problem" said Toad as he opened the bookshelf, revealing poles behind it which Toad and Yoshi slid down. They then appeared in police outfits and got in a car. "Let's do his thang!" said Toad as they drove out.

(To Be Continued.)

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