This game is a 2.5D platformer where you play as Wario and Waluigi. It was released by TheGuy Studios, who made Kirby's Dreamland 4: Return of All Evil, in 2017. It's also the unofficial sequel to New Super Mario Bros. U.  
Super Wario Bros. U
Super Wario Bros U
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) TheGuy Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Platformer
Predecessor New Super Mario Bros. U


The game begins right as New Super Mario Bros U. ends. Peach's castle reverts to normal as Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the 7 Koopa Kids hover about in a busted Clown Car. The story cuts to Wario and Waluigi playing tennis. After Waluigi wins, they look up in the sky to realize a giant Clown Car hovering above them, to only crash down with all the Koopas inside. The crash destroys the plumber's tennis set. Terrified, the two jump behind a large stack of coins. Bowser and his children jump up and tell the Wario Bros. what's going down. Bowser also says that by completing missions, he will pay the brothers considerably. Money signs appear in the plumber's eyes, and they eagerly wait for their first mission.

After a few missions by Bowser, Wario and Waluigi come across Yellow Toad. He is being held captive by a giant Koopa Troopa. They would've ignored it, but the Koopa had a giant stack of coins. They defeat the Koopa, taking his coins and saving Yellow Toad. The toad thanks the plumbers and wants to help the plumbers. The two roll their eyes and allow him to come.

After even more missions, the three are walking through a beach, a red Shy Guy runs by them and steals some of their coins. Wario is enraged and decides to fight the masked guy. After defeating it, he gives the coins back and joins the crew.


This game has 4 different characters you can choose to play as. The characters are...

Wario SFM
Wario is a pretty slow character and jumps pretty low. However, he can shake the remote to fart to get alot more airtime.  Unlocked From Beginning
Waluigi SFM
Waluigi is as fast as Wario but jumps really high. He also can perform a kick attack by shaking the remote.  Unlocked From Beginning
Yellow Toad
Yellow Toad SFM
Yellow Toad is as fast as Waluigi and jumps normal. He can use a spin jump, similar to Super Mario World by shaking the remote. Unlocked After World 1
Shy Guy
Shy Guy SFM
Shy Guy is the fatsest character but has a pretty bad jump. He, however, can trip and slide, destroying enemies, by shaking the Wii Remote. Unlocked After World 3

Each character is different in many ways, but they can all do a few things.

  • Walk
  • Run
  • Jump
  • Swim
  • Ground Pound
  • Use Power-Ups
  • Ride Yoshis
  • Grab Items
  • Crouch

This game has many different levels. In most of the levels, you are given a mission by Bowser. Sometimes the mission will be to get to the end, sometimes it's to beat the level in a certain time, and sometimes it's to not kill any enemies. The better you do at a mission, the more coins Bowser will let you have. If you fail the mission, you get zero coins, but you can restart. If you do it perfectly, you get to keep ALL your coins. Each level is full of coins, enemies, and a few power-ups.

SWBU Icons

Each character has their own icon, always displayed in the top right corner of gameplay, along with the life count.


This game has many different power-ups, some returning from old games, others being brand new. You can grab a power, and keep it until you get hit, which you revert back to normal. If you get hit when you're normal, you die. Sometimes you can use a power to destroy enemies, other times you could use them for puzzles. 

Fire Flower This flamy little thing will allow you to through a projectile fireball. This fireball will bounce around, destroying enemies and melting ice blocks.
Starman A star bounces out of a question block. What do you do? Grab it! You'll run faster, jump higher, and destroy enemies on contact. To bad it only lasts 15 seconds...
Paper Mushroom Remember Paper Mario? Have you ever wanted to be him? Well, now you can! With this little thing, you can be flatter than a pancake, float slowly, and you can slide into cracks.
Tanooki Suit Fun fact, Tanookis are little japanese dog-like animals. They can't hover in the air or swipe things with their furry tails, but you can with this power.
Power Balloon Wario may be a little plump, but this power-up takes it to the extreme. He's so fat, he can float around in the sky like a balloon!
1-UP If you die often, this rare little mushroom can help you. You get an extra life after grabbing it!
Ninja Mushroom

(Get it? It's funny because this power lets you hang on to walls and throw shirukens because you're a ninja. And ninjas are quiet.)

Mini Mushroom Aww, look at this cute little mushroom. By eating it, you can become the same size! You can now jump high, get in small pipes, and run on walls and water!
Ice Flower This is the polar opposite of the Fire Flower. It can throw an ice ball that can bounce and freeze enemies on contact. You can even pick up your frozen enemies and use them as projectiles. Pretty cool, huh?
Garlic This power-up may be familiar to some, as it can turn your player into a bull, allowing them to ram into enemies, pick them and toss them.
Hammer Suit Hammer Bros. are some of the hardest enemies to destroy. The best way to get them? Use their own weapons against them. With the Hammer Suit, you can throw hammers that are exactly like the Hammer Bros's. They can kill anything, even Thwomps!
Mega Mushroom

This is the very opposite of the Mini Mushroom, as it will turn you into a giant! You can crush anything in your path! This may be a good thing, as it's a fun way to destroy enemies, but you might crush pipes that can take you to different places!

Blue Shell Koopa Troopas are pretty lucky to have a shell, as they can slide around and hide in it. With this power-up, you can do the same thing!
Super Acorn Boing! With this little acorn, you can fly around like a flying squirrel! You can hold on to walls, glide through the air, and perform a double jump!
Double Cherry Some levels might be so hard, you'll need two of yourself to make it. This power-up will help you with that. You can get two of your character! By shaking the remote, you can swap between clone #1 and clone #2. Unlike Super Mario 3D World, however, you can only have 1 clone.
Goomba Shoe

You may not know this, but Goombas have a nice sense of fashion. They have amazing eyebrows, and they can hop around in a giant green shoe. You can steal the shoe, however, and use it to bounce around on spikes and enemies!

Boost Flower These characters may not be very fast, but this power-up can help. You can shake the remote to make a boost, to destroy enemies and make you go fast.

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