Super Wario Bros. DS
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Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DS
Release Date(s)
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Action
Media Included DS Cartridge
Super Wario Bros. DS is a platformer for the DS. It is based of the New Super Mario Bros. titles.


Wario is using a metal detector outside his castle while Waluigi is practicing his tennis skills. All of the sudden, a floating pirate ship flys out of the sky and hovers above Wario's Castle. A tractor beam appears out of the ship and sucks all Wario's money out of his castle! This must be the works of Captain Syrup! Wario gets on his bike and grabs Waluigi. They chase the ship, but soon lose it. The duo pants in front of a sign that says "World 1".

After beating Bloomsday and saving Katsini, the duo meets up with a Mage C. Koopa and Pauly Pirahna. The two say they want to help Wario and Waluigi get their coins back, if the two crooks give them half the money. Wario and Waluigi know they cannot get the money back themselves, so they angrily agree.


The keypad is used to move. B is used to do the character you're playing as's special move is in their standard form. Holding Y will let let the characters dash. A is to jump and X is to punch, kick, bite, or cast, respectively. Start pauses the game.


Wario punchs when X is pressed. His special move is the dash attack.


Waluigi kicks with X. His special move is tennis racket hit.

Mage C. Koopa

Mage casts a spell with X. His special move is to shoot a fire ball in the even worlds, and an ice ball in the odd worlds.

Pauly Pirhanna

Pauly bites with X. His special move is to grow in size.


Playable Characters

  1. Wario
  2. Waluigi
  3. Pauly the Pirahna Plant
  4. Mage C. Koopa


  1.  Bloomsday
  2. Major Burrows
  3. Big Bob-omb
  4. Toad
  5. Roy Koopa
  6. Shake King
  7. Mario
  8. Captain Syrup


  1. Katsini
  2. Merfle
  3. Three Little Pigheads
  4. Kat
  5. Ana
  6. 9-Volt and 16-Volt
  7. Mona


  • Tiny Wario-If Wario gets damaged, he will be in this form. He can't use his dash-attack
  • Garlic Wario- Wario can use his infamous Wario-wafts by using down + B
  • Unknown power-up in which Wario wears a green suit
  • Tiny Waluigi-Damaged form. Can't use special attack.
  • Aura Waluigi- Waluigi can shoot purple spheres with X
  • Hi-jump Waluigi- Waluigi can jump very high
  • Tiny Mage
  • Broom Mage- Mage can fly around
  • Tri Mage-Mage shoots three blasts with each wand wave
  • Tiny Pauly
  • Fire Pauly-Pauly can shoot fire
  • Putrid Pauly-Pauly has poisonous bites


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