Super Waluigi's Ultimate 3D Chronicles 64 Adventure
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Blender Maximum
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) TBA
Genre(s) Action-Adventure

Super Waluigi's Ultimate 3D Chronicles 64 Adventure is a Mario spin-off to be released "coming soon." The game is a product of both Blender Maximum and Intelligent Systems, the developers of the popular Paper Mario series which slightly inspired SWU3DC64A. The protagonist of the game is the titular Waluigi, the brother of Wario, who has appeared in many spin-off games.


In a world of magical power plants, go-kart racing, princess saving, and tennis matches, Waluigi has a pretty mediocre life, always being accused of "cheating" during party games and whatnot. It's not like anyone can prove that he tried to hide explosives in that ridiculous Bowser costume… Aaaaanyways, Waluigi wants to be liked by more people, so he heads out to… what do the hero guys do? Save the princess? Yeah, that, why not? He'll do it and prove to everyone that he's not a cheater! I mean, he might need to, uh, borrow a few things from some people, but that's definitely not cheating!







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