Welcome to the official page for Super universal racers

This is a game close to Mario kart but instead of only including Mario characters it include all of the main Nintendo characters

This game is being produced by zen tech studios

There really is no story line currently but we may include a story line later

Maybe you <insert your name here> could give us some ideas in my chat


Icaadon Ike Roy Marth Sonic Pikachu Knuckles Robo sonic Dr Eggman Dixie kong White Red Orange Teel Yellow Purple Taurus Donkey kong Diddy kong Funky kong Peach Daisy Rosalina Yoshi Dodo King dedede Pit Link Zelda Ganandorf Samus .R.O.B. Ness Lucas Lucario Shadow Shadoo Dry bowser Dry bones Bowser .jr Baby Mario Baby peach Baby luigi Bowser Koopa Kirby Paper Mario Paper peach Paper luigi Scout Ice climbers Pokemon trainer Medusa Amy Cranky kong Falco Fox Wolf Peppy Captain falcon Blue Layz Ludro Yotam Pichu Wario Waluigi Tails Naadaci Black Negative yellow Negative orange Negative red Palitena


Knuckle kart Robo speed kart Egg Mobile Nz mobile Dixie kart Driven crazy kart Falcon kart Fox kart Wolf kart Hippity hop kart Falcon punch kart Mini blitz kart Layzer mobile Ludro kart Yotam kart Electro kart Wario ware kart Waluigi kart Tails kart Negative kart Black kart Purple kart Blue kart Green kart Angel kart Blade kart Sword kart Edge kart Green hill zone kart Lightning kart Aura kart Shadoo kart Dark kart Bone kart Baby bowser Stroller kart Baby Mario stroller kart Baby peach stroller kart Baby luigi stroller kart Bone breaker kart Shell kart Star kart Paper Mario kart Paper peach kart Paper luigi kart Box kart Ice pick kart Poke ball kart Tri headed kart Pink kart Acid kart Fire kart Ice kart Water kart Boomerang kart Lightning strike kart Wind kart Strength kart Power kart Peanut kart Umbrella kart Pretty kart Light blue kart Dino kart Pink Dino kart Hammer kart Angel kart Triforce kart Metal kart Dark metal kart Rocket kart Intergalactic kart Robo kart Pk kart Electric run kart

                      Power ups

Bullet bills Fake block Banana peels Shell Blue shell Red shell Giant mushrooms Speed mushroom x1 Speed mushroom x2 Speed mushroom x3 Golden mushroom Boomerangs Lightning bolts Acid puddle Earthquake Flame bombs Bob-OMB Black hole potion Kart cannon:fire Kart cannon:acid Kart cannon:water Kart cannon:boomerang launcher Kart cannon:tire Invincablity star Ink splatter!! Dragoon pieces Hydra pieces

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