Super Transformation is a transformation that takes place when a being's power rate has passed 100% transformations.


Super Transformation

Sonic the Hedgehog in the midst of Super Transformation.

The person closes their eyes trying to focus all energy toward their core. Then they scream and are usually engulfed with a yellow light. Then the whole part of that planet starts to shake. After this, a giant explosion happens and the person emerges. They have completed Super Transformation.

(Note: Some Super Transformations can happen differently though this is the most common)

The normal appearance of Super Transformation. (Goku as Super)


The person usually has glowing yellow hair and red (sometimes blue or any other color) eyes.


Powers and Abilities

The being usually has the enhanced ability to fly at super sonic speeds. As well as enhanced speed and strength. They (if not already) also can gain the ability or enhanced ability of flight. They can also can charge their power to improve.

Types of Super

There are two types of supers:

Super A: These are characters who can transform without objects and have no need for objects to maintain transformation.

Super B: These are beings who need objects to transform into a Super.


There are many types of histories of how this transformation became possible. Every universe has their own way of becoming super.

Johnny Dog Universe

All of the ancestors in the Johnny Dog world had the Super Transformation. Soon though, everyone's power began to drain down the lines of family. The last one with any power trapped it in the Super Gems, and when those are collected, those who have them transform into their super forms.

  • You can add the history of history of Super transformation in your universe*

Characters able to go super


Sonic the Hedgehog (and other characters in universe)

Johnny Dog

  • You can add your characters*


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