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Super Toon Thrashing is a television cartoon fighting game for the Nintendo Switch (originally for the Wii U), based on Super Smash Bros. It's a crossover between Disney XD, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and a handful of other cartoons that may show up on the aforementioned three channels in various countries.


The playable fighters are divided in four bases:

  • The XD Base includes characters from shows airing on Disney XD, but may also include characters from ToonDisney, the predecessor.
  • The Nick Base includes characters from shows airing on Nickelodeon.
  • The CN Base includes characters from shows airing on Cartoon Network.
  • The Guest Base includes miscellaneous cartoon characters and guest characters.
Image Name Series Base Info Finisher
PhineasPnFArt Phineas Phineas and Ferb XD A triangle-headed, optimistic fellow that seeks to make the best of the summer days, usually by inventing crazy devices with his stepbrother Ferb. Rover - Phineas summons the eponymous giant robot dog and wreaks havoc around the battlefield.
DipperGFArt Dipper Gravity Falls XD The younger of the Pines twins, who's always more curious for the mysteries around Gravity Falls. He gains most of his knowledge from Journal #3, written by one of his great uncles.
Wander6 Wander Wander Over Yonder XD A nomadic person that wanders around the Galaxy, eager to help people and making it all happy. He wears a green hat that dispenses stuff Wander needs most in certain situations. Banjo - Wander pulls out his banjo and starts playing a little ditty. This, for some reason, sends opponents flying.
Scrooge McDuck DuckTales XD An old, miserly, but adventure-loving mallard who's always in search for some ancient treasure with his great nephews. He's quite sentimental about the very first coin he ever earned.
Star Butterfly Star Star vs. the Forces Of Evil XD A 14-year old princess from Mewni - quite literally from another dimension where magic exists. She currently stays on plain old Earth in order to be responsible.
Kim Possible Kim Possible XD A high school student that fights crime and deal with various villains. She's quite athletic and adapts he cheerleader moves in the battles she's engaged in.
SpongeBob (5) SpongeBob SpongeBob SquarePants Nick A rectangular fellow that always looks on the bright side and laughs a lot. He's also an expert at making and serving Krabby Patties and a seasoned Jellyfisher.
Timmy Turner Stock Image Timmy Fairly OddParents Nick An average kid that no one would understand, who secretly has a pair of fairy godparents. His fairies can basically conjure about anything, as long as Da Rules allow such things.
Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Nick A high school student who has become a ghost hybrid thanks to an experiment by his parents. He uses his newly-acquired ghost powers to fight against ghosts that escaped the Ghost Zone to cause mayhem.
Jimmy Jimmy Neutron Nick A highly-intelligent kid who bears scientific knowledge and is able to make complicated devices. He uses both of these to solve various problems throughout the show.
Lincoln Nickelodeon 3 Lincoln The Loud House Nick A kid who is the middle sibling of ten sisters of varying age. He solves various issues with the knowledge he's gotten from living in a large family.
Zim Invader Zim Nick An Irken invader sent far, far away from his own planet to retrieve information about Earth. He's helped by the rather unhelpful GIR.
Finn CN AdventureTime Finn Adventure Time CN A kid who is probably the only human left in the magical, post-apocalyptic world of Ooo. Together with his magical dog Jake, he embarks in marvelous adventures.
Blossom Powerpuff Girls CN The self-proclaimed leader of a trio of crime-fighting kindergartners created by Professor Utonium. She's the more level-headed of the sisters and is able to use cryokinesis.
Steven SU Art Steven Steven Universe CN An enthusiastic boy who is a human-Gem hybrid. Bearing the gem of Rose Quartz, who used to be the leader of the Crystal Gems, Steven can conjure shields and protection bubbles.
Gumball AmazingWorld Gumball The Amazing World of Gumball CN A blue cat that often gets himself and his adopted brother Darwin into various antics in the city of Elmore.
Mordecai Regular Show CN A 23-year old blue jay who "works" as a groundkeeper at the Park together with his raccoon friend Rigby. Actually, they procrastinate work and just do other stuff to entertain themselves.
Courage Courage the Cowardly Dog CN A lavender-pink dog with an ironic name, as he's actually frightened of a lot of things. Despite this, he goes at great lengths to protect his owners from any danger that dwells in The Middle of Nowhere.
Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Guest Once a pupil of Princess Celestia, now an alicorn princess of her own, Twilight is a book-loving horse that solves friendship problems alongside her five friends.
Ladybug Miraculous Guest A ladybug-themed superheroine who, alongside Cat Noir, protects Paris from villains manipulated by the akuma butterflies.


Image Name Series Base Info Finisher How to Unlock


Can be summoned by the Assist Remote, an item in the game.

Image Name Series Base Info
IsabellaPnFArt Isabella Phineas and Ferb XD Isabella is a versatile girl with a huge crush on Phineas. She and her Fireside Girl troop 46231 are a jack-of-all-trades and perform any action that suits best to the situation they're summoned in.
BillCipher Concept Bill Cipher Gravity Falls XD This triangular dream demon will cause massive chaos to everyone, even the summoner; from altering the gravity, to changing the character speed, to resizing them. He may also slant the camera or change the colors around.
Trixie Art Trixie Fairly OddParents Nick A popular and pretty elementary school student, who will lend her bodyguard to your aid when standing nearby her. She may also powder her nose which stuns opponents.
LolaAndLana Lola and Lana The Loud House Nick The polarizing twins of the Loud family. When neither are arguing (causing quite a ruckus), Lola will powder her nose (in similar vein to Trixie), while Lana throws mud and other dirt.
Smol Peridot by Lenhi Peridot Steven Universe CN This neurotic once-Homeworlder has the ability to levitate things in the air. She will use this power to your advantage by dragging items to you.
Derpy slash Muffins Muffins My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Guest ...this pegasus doesn't do anything useful...

amiibo Funcionality

Players are able to scan amiibo on the NFC area to unlock costumes for certain characters, based on the character that the amiibo represents.

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