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Super Toad Adventures is a 3D platformer coming to the 3DS in 2015.. This is Nine Lives first production. It was announced on August 8th 2013

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Playable Characters

  • Red Toad
  • Blue Toad 



  • Mushroom
  • Jetpack


August 8th 2013- First Trailer

September 3rd 2013- Cancelled 

November 23rd 2014- Reannounced, with the name being changed to Super Toad Adventures. It will show up in the next Nintendo Direct.

November 24th 2014- Nintendo released the beta box art, along with more information:

-The game was started by Nine Lives, but is going to be finished by Nintendo.

-The game has been altered heavily, as the original idea 'Was too similar to other 3D Platformers'.

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