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This Company Recruits!
If you are interested in the company, please contact the director of the company.
Super Studios
Type of Company Video game company
Founder(s) Wowimjarred
Founded at/in August 2014
Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Area(s) Served United States
Owner(s) Wowimjarred


No. of Employee(s) 4
 Super Studios is a video game company founded by Wowimjarred in August 2014. Their headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. The company has known for creating The Newt, a home/handheld hydrid console that is coming out in March 2015. They've had a strong relationship with Fusion Studios, the developers of Kai The Knight and TriggerBound. The company's mascot is a Newt.


Name Release Date Consoles
Super Smash Crash July 12, 2016 The Newt
Paper Mario: A Link To The Real World TBA The Newt
Kirby: Ultra Quest TBA The Newt
Okami U May 20th, 2015

Wii U, The Newt


Release Date

Sonic Emerald TBA The Newt
Mega Mario Sports Mix TBA Wii U, TBA
Name Release Date Console
Nabbit and the King of Thieves TBA The Newt
Mario & Luigi: Dimensional Duo TBA TBA
Constellation TBA The Newt



The Newt is a home/handheld hydrid console and the first made by the company. The console comes in with a 1.24 Ghz Tri-Core IBM PowerPC "Espresso" CPU, 60 GB of Storage, TouchScreen capablities, and voice recongition. The Newt comes in four colors, white, black, blue, and mario pattern.  The Newt's online service is Newt OnlineThe console comes out in March 2018. 

The logo is made by Lumogo


Name Position Description Join Date
Wowimjarred Founder A video game nerd since he was 7. He always wanted to make video games. August 2014

Admin of Art

An anime and video game nerd who does nothing but develop video games. November 24, 2014
TerrariaBoss Employee



24, 2015


  • Founder - Can change rules freely, can fire employees and administrators
  • Administrator - Can change rules with permission, can remove employees
  • Employee - Develop games for the company
  • Artist - Draw concept art for the company


  1. Be nice
  2. Share your thoughts on current games
  3. Don't beg for promotions


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