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Super Star Toad
Super Star Toad - Original Cover
Developer(s) YeeMeYee Studios, Raindrop Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii U
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platforming, Minigames
Media Included Nintendo Wii U disc

Super Star Toad is an upcoming game project by YeeMeYee Studios and Raindrop Studios. It stars Toad and his friends, in a different way than the Super Mario series. It features different modes such as Story Mode, Hide-and-Seek Toad Mode and Battle Mode. The game will have the features to change the screen while gaming, like that what was shown in Super Paper Mario. So the players can switch their screen from 2D to 3D perspective. This only happens for 10 seconds, only after hitting a 3D block.


Super Star Toad is a platformer game, starring Toad, Toadette, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad as the playable characters. All the characters play exactly the same, and are only like a "palette-swap" of Toad, to make the game the same for all players. (A new option to change the look of your Toad, like colors and expressions will be added when the game is finished).




Story Mode

In the story mode of the game, the player should play through different worlds in order to get to Bowser's Castle and stop Bowser from breaking down Toad Town and abducting its inhabitants. The gameplay of this mode it quite similar to Super Mario Bros. games.

Hide-and-Seek Toad Mode

In this mode the player is able to play hide-and-seek with all the Toads. They will hide at any place on the current area and the player needs to find them. For each Toad that the player finds, they'll get 10 coins.

Battle Mode

In the battle mode the player will be able to battle with the Toads. There are special made levels for this mode that are similar to the levels of Mario Bros. When the player plays this mode, the items that appear in Story mode appear randomly through the screen and have the effect they have in Story Mode. Also, when playing in this mode, the Starman also appears as item, making the player invincible for a while. The Love Flower makes an appearance in this mode too, making other players unable to attack the player who threw a Loveball at them.


Story Mode

Toad Toadette Yellow Toad Blue Toad
NSMBWiiUToad MP7 Toadette YellowToad MP9 Blue Toad SM3DW

Minigame mode

Toad Toadette Yellow Toad Blue Toad
NSMBWiiUToad MP7 Toadette YellowToad MP9 Blue Toad SM3DW
Toadsworth Toadbert Banktoad Mailtoad
Toadsworth2 Toadbert SMN Banktoad by Toad'ShyGuy Mailtoad by Tom
Dr. Toadley Toadiko Propeller Toad Flying Squirrel Toad
Doctor Toadley by Toad'ShyGuy Toadiko3D Propeller Blue Toad Squirrel Toad
Toad Captain Dryite 8-Bit Toad Tanooki Toad
Captain Toad Dryite by Toad'ShyGuy 8-Bit Toad Red tanooki toad


These are Power-Ups that are found in Boxes in the game. Every Power-Up is required to get past certain places in levels.

Name Image Description
Hammer HammerSST The player can whack down on enemies or large blocks three times.
Fire Flower FireFlowerSM3DL The player can throw three Fireballs each time, that burn down enemies and wooden objects.
Boomerang Flower Boomerangflower The player can throw three Boomerangs to reach far-away places.
Spring Mushroom SpringMush This item can be laid in front of the player only once, and when they jump on it, they will go very high.
Shell GreenShell Shells have to be found before the player can go underwater.
Mini Mushroom MiniMushroomNSMB2 When the player touches it, they will be really small for seven seconds, being able to slip through small passages.






Name Image Description
Toad Town Toad Town This town is where many Toads reside. It can be found to the south of Peach's Castle. The citizens live in the northern part of the town.

The Toad Town Libraries are located to the southern part of the town, which was newly opened when Toadsworth gathered many books to showcase the history and culture of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Beneath the town are the Toad Town Caves, which were once created because Toads has mined for ancient Star Bits and the like. Many pipes connect and can be entered here.

Toad Town Libraries Toad Town Libraries The libraries are located to the southern of the town, which are opened soon after the game was started. Toadsworth opens them to share history and culture about the Mushroom Kingdom. Anyone can go in and pay for renting a book. There are a few special books which allow the player to travel between areas. Propeller Toads work in the library and bring the books to the right places.


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