The Super Sonic Smashers or the S.S.S are one of the main antagonists of the SEGA/Warner Bros crossover TV movie Super Sonic Loonatics Unleashed.


Formerly the Formerly the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad, Robotnik rechristened them after he decided to expand Robotnikland to another planet: Acmetropolis. There, he learned of the meteor that stroke it in the year 2772 and the city's protectors, the Loonatics.

Seeing this as an opportunity to destroy Sonic after he was defeated for the millionth time, Robotnik created a copy of the meteor and had two of his bots, Scratch and Grounder be hit by it. After the testing, the portly scienetist had the two duncebuckets find Acmetropolis' most wanted and bring them to him.

Meanwhile, Coconuts gets jealous that Scratch and Grounder get powers and he doesn't so announces to himself that he will create powers of his own and join the Super Sonic Smashers!


  • Scratch

Powers: wall climbing, super strength

Uniform color: Indigo

  • Grounder

Powers: Able to tunnel at 88 mph

Uniform color: Really dark grey

  • Coconuts

Powers: Telepathy, fire breath

Uniform color: Robotnik Red

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