Sonic was, as always, running through the area of Mobius, and then he ran into the big (REALLY BIG),bad, scientist, Doctor Eggman. "Eggman!" Sonic said. "What do YOU want?" "Well, I'm holding a fighting torunament! MWAHAHAH!" Eggman explained. "I'm not surprised..." Sonic taunted. "Shut up!" Eggman yelled angrily. Sonic rolled his eyes. "What's the catch?" Sonic asked. "Err...catch?" Eggman questioned. "Ya know, what's in store for the champ?" Sonic asked Eggman. "One of your useless inventions?" "USELESS?! WHY I" Eggman replied. "You see.... I have these babies." Eggman held up the Seven Chaos Emeralds. "HAHAHAHAHA!" he cackled. "So... lemme see... you have unlimited power, and you're ready to give it to a simple fighting competition?" Sonic questioned. "Yep." Eggman agreed. "Hmph. So much for an IQ of 300." Sonic said. "Well, anyway. I'm in!" Sonic stood up for the challenge. "HAHAHHA!" Eggman laughed. "Good luck next week!" Eggman flew off in that machine...flyer...thingy. "That Egg-Head is dumber than I expected. Oh well.... time to get ready. I've got some training to do." Sonic ran off to get ready for the competition. Will he prevail? Will Eggman finally win after all these years? Do any of us care? Play the game to find out!


People with * are unlockable. People with + you can buy


Green Hill Zone:Home to Sonic.

Acorn's Kingdom:Home to Sally.

Tails' Workshop:Home to Tails.

Angel Island:Home to Knuckles.

Space Colony ARK:Home to Shadow.

Club Rouge:Home to Rouge.

Omega's Release Point:Home to Omega. Also the area in Sonic Heroes where him and Shadow were unleashed by Rouge.

Amy's Room:Home to Amy.

Vanilla's House:Home to Cream.

Blue Lake:Home to Big.

Planet Egg:Home to Cosmo.

Ninja Training:Home to Espio.

The Beehive:Home to Charmy.

Chaotix Base:Home to Vector.

Burning Field:Home to Blaze.

Crisis City:Home to Silver.

Egg Fleet:Home to Metal Sonic.

Lava Shelter:Home to Egg Pawn.

Cryptic Castle:Home to Flight Egg Pawn.

Eggman's Lair:Home to Eggman.

Babylon Airship:Home to Jet.

Megalo City:Home to Wave.

Aquatic Capital:Home to Storm.

Lightning Road:Home to Gold.

Wind Street:Home to May.

Stone Avenue:Home to Bronze.

Underground Base:Home to Techno.

Shelly's Garden:Home to Shelly.

Mobius Plains:Home to Skull.


Story Mode:Play through the story and crack Eggman's plans wide open!

Free for All:Do a simple fight with your rules!

Tourney:Fight your way to the crown with up to 64 competitors!

Action Mode:Do one of the many action stages in Story Mode to get the best time!

Boss Battle:Face off with all of the bosses in Story Mode!

All Stars:Choose one of the characters and duke it out with all the others!

Training:Choose a character, a CPU, and a stage to hone your SSSB skills!

Sonic Boom:Fight with random characters, random arena, and random rules!

Shop:Buy unlockable characters,stages,and more with your rings!

Credits:View the makers of this fight! (Need 1000 Rings in the Shop to purchase!)

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