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Dr Eggman has organised an evil racing tournament, the prize being all seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic and his friends currently looking for the Emeralds, decide to enter. What they don't know is that Eggman plans to compete as well. Can Sonic and his friends win? or will they prevale? 


Super Sonic Racers, is a kart racing game, simular to the Mario Kart Series, that gives players a chance to play as their favorite characters in their favorite locations in the Sonic Universe. Each character has an induvidual Special Attack they can use, simular to Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing and Mario Kart: Double Dash. Like the Sonic Riders series, character are divited into three different categories, Speed, Flight, and Strength. Speed characters relativley go faster, and have a larger boost meter. Flight characters are able to fly to certain shortcuts on the racecourse. Finally Strength characters can smash through large objects, thus, making them go faster. Downloadable Content will avaible on the 3DS, Playsation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, giving players new courses, missons, mini games and much more to do, without changing the game entireley.


The Campagin is the main mode of the game, where the story is used, and is used to unlock most bonuses. Like the Mario Kart series, you the player will go through the differnet cups in different difficulties. Mission are also avaible after complete a course. There are a total of 48 missions.


Speed Shoes- Gives the player an enhanced boost

3x Speed Shoes- 3 enhanced boosts

Rocket- Used as a weapon againts other players

3x Rockets- 3 rockets

Rings- Used to buy items at the Chao Shop

10x Rings- 10 lots of rings

Sheild- A sheild that protects the player from getting hit once

Electric Sheild- Used to draw rings to the player

Invincibillity- Gives the player invincibillity

Special Attack- Each character has there own unique attack that is specificly taylored to them


There are a wide range of characters to select from, each with their own induvidual vehicle, but not all characters are avaible from the start and are unlockable durring Campagin Mode


Character Vehicle Special Attack Costumes Type

Sonic the Hedgehog

Blue Velocity Super Sonic Riders, Race Jumsuit, Excalibur Armor Speed
Tails 80

Miles "Tails" Prower

Tornado X-Mode Aviator, Santa, Tails Doll Flight
Knuckles 27

Knuckles the Echidna

Angel Emerald Glide Ancient Robes, Eggman Suit, SA2 Upgrades Stength
323px-Amy 22

Amy Rose

Pink Heart Hammer Smash Classic, Sport, Winter Strength
356px-Dr Eggman Olympic Games

Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Egg-Racer Bombardment Classic, Riders, Nega Flight


Character Vehicle Special Attack Costumes Type
Shadow 21

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow Bike Chaos Controll Tuxedo, Shadow Android, Steampunk Speed
279px-Rare SEGA Rouge the Bat Lrg

Rouge the Bat

Secret Gem Bat Bombs Riders, Slealth, Heroes Suit Flight
290px-CreamnCheese SH

Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao

Chao Mobile Chao Attack Riders, Bumble Bee Outfit, Fox Flight

Big the Cat

Big Catch Rod Ram Beach Side Atire, Frog Suit, Samurai Strength

E-123 Omega

UPGRADE Lock-On Blue Pallet, Purple Pallet, Nega Pallet Strength
Violet Inferno Flame Burst Princess Atire, Riders, Egytian Nights Speed
3d marine the raccoon by lezrachez-d483xqg

Marine the Raccoon

Aqua Marine Mystery Energy Pirate, Asain Clothes, Unicorn Speed
Silver hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog

Phycoon Phyco Shot Race Jumsuit, Knight Armor, Cyborg Strength
Fang the sniper by joeadok-d4byz5v

Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel

Marvolous Queen Pop Gun Heavy Disguise, Clown, Cowboy Flight

Metal Sonic

Metal Overdrive V.Max Overdrive 3.0 Upgrade, Silver Sonic MK 2, Heroes Armour Speed

Espio the Charmeleon

Purple Horn Ninja Stars Classic, Mummy, Ninja Suit Speed


Character Vehicle Special Attack Costumes Type
Chr tik

Tikal the Echidna

The Spirit Confusion Modern Clothes, Nocturnus Uniform, Nurse Speed
Chaos 0, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Chaos 0

Destructic Perfect Form Purple Pallet, Red Pallet, Green Pallet Strengh
480px-Jet Sonic generations

Jet the Hawk

J-Hawk Whirlwind Babylonian Atire,Cheeta Suit, Sir Lamoark Speed
388px-Vector (Statue Room)

Vector the Crocodile

Croc Bike Music Notes Hipee, Security Guard, Professor Strength


Omochao- Flag Chao

Orbot and Cubot- Announcers

Tikal- Menu Voice

Egg Pawns- Crowds


Animal Friends- Crowds


Each Cup a course/location from a different point in time, Classic, Dreamcast, Late Dreamcast and Modern Eras

Heroes Cup

Heroes Cup

-Green Hill

-Emerald Beach

-Casino Park

-Planet Wisp

Dark Cup

Dark Cup

-Oil Ocean

-City Escape

-Lost Jungle

-Dragon Road

Rose Cup

Rose Cup

-Palmtree Panic

-Twinkle Park

-Music Plant

-Sweet Mountain

Eggman Cup

-Sky Sanctuary
Eggman Cup

-Eggman Land

-Egg Fleet

-Death Egg

Chao Store

The Chao Store is the game's offical store, where players can purchase costumes, music, customisations to character's vehicles, and DLC.


DLC will be avaible right from the start, that will include, Characters, Courses, Costumes, Music ect. It will be avaible at the Chao Store.

Voice Acting

Roger Craig Smith- Sonic the Hedgehog

Kate Higgins- Miles "Tails" Prower, Marine the Raccoon

Mike Pollock- Dr Eggman

Travis Willingham- Knuckles the Echidna

Lisa Ortiz- Amy Rose

Jason Griffith- Shadow the Hedgehog, Jet the Hawk

Karen Strassman- Rouge the Bat, Tikal the Echidna

Michelle Ruff- Cream the Rabbit

Kyle Hebert- Big the Cat

Vic Mignogna- E-123 Omega

Laura Bailey- Blaze the Cat

Quinton Flynn- Silver the Hedgehog

Kirk Thornton- Fang the Sniper, Orbot

Troy Baker- Espio the Chameleon

Keith Silverstein- Vector the Crocodile

Wally Wingert- Cubot, Robot Racers


Green Hill-003:44

Green Hill-0

Green Hi;ll

Emerald Coast-002:01

Emerald Coast-0

Emerald Coast

Casino Park-005:13

Casino Park-0

Casino Park

Planet Wisp-005:17

Planet Wisp-0

Planet Wisp

Oil Ocean-004:56

Oil Ocean-0

Oil Ocean

City Escape-003:05

City Escape-0

City Escape

Lost Jungle06:16

Lost Jungle

Lost Jungle

Dragon Road-002:20

Dragon Road-0

Dragon Road

Palmtree Panic-003:48

Palmtree Panic-0

Palmtree Panic

Twinkle Park-008:52

Twinkle Park-0

Twinkle Park

Music Plant-002:35

Music Plant-0

Music Plant

Sweet Mountain-002:24

Sweet Mountain-0

Sweet Mountain

Sky Sanctuary-003:03

Sky Sanctuary-0

Sky Sanctuary

Eggman Land-004:28

Eggman Land-0

Eggman Land

Egg Fleet-002:32

Egg Fleet-0

Egg Fleet

Death Egg-002:31

Death Egg-0

Death Egg




Menu Music-005:20

Menu Music-0

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