Super Smash Sisters is a Smash Brothers game developed for the Wii U by Randomfrog. It features female characters only. It's set to be finished in late 2016. It was created because Random wanted to try and make a decent page for an awful idea. No seriously, this isn't a good idea, why is it such a widely used concept



Character Info

343px-Wii U Peach artwork-0


SSB Mario Series

Princess Peach is a staple Mario character and often the damsel in distress. She can easily stand her own ground though- she even once saved Mario herself! She can attack with turnips, frying pans, parasols and other things she's used in the previous games. She can even use the emotions from SPP as attacks. Wait, Nintendo made a game where the woman was finally the main character and they made her attack with mood swings? Shame on you, you know better Nintendo.

Daisy SSBR


SSB Mario Series

Hi, she's Daisy. She got saved by Mario once. That's about it for main series appearances, to be honest. Daisy somewhat represents the Mario sports games, using a wide variety of moves from those games. She can also use Flower magic, whatever that would happen to be.


SSB Mario Series

Rosalina is the guardian of the cosmos and adopted mother of the Lumas. She can use her wand, a spin attack, or get one of her Lumas to fight for her. She can also be thrown into the air with a launch star.


Character Info



SSB Donkey Kong Series

Mario's original lover and the precursor to Peach. Pauline basically represents the original three Donkey Kong games. She can attack with springs, oil cans, fruit and Stanley's pump. With her weapons she is feared in the battle! Well, she would be if anyone knew who she was.

Win five matches as Peach.

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