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  Super Smash Sis Volleyball is an upcoming sports game for Wii U, featuring most of the female cast in Nintendo games. It is rated M for suggestive content, and it plays much like Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball, with similar minigames and shop features.

Playable Characters:

  • Princess Peach
  • Princess Zelda
  • Samus Aran
  • Princess Daisy
  • Krystal
  • Female Pokemon Trainer
  • Shantae
  • Jody Summer
  • Rosalinda Lightyears (unlockable)
  • Midna (unlockable)
  • Katt Monroe (unlockable)
  • Candy Kong (unlockable)
  • Pauline (unlockable)
  • Berri (unlockable)
  • Palutena (unlockable)
  • Captain Syrup (unlockable)


  • Underwater Frigate (Metroid Prime)
  • Brinstar Depths (Super Metroid)
  • Lower Norfair (Super Metroid)
  • Zoness (Star Fox 64)
  • Yoshi´s Island
  • Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros)
  • Zoras Domain (Ocarina of Time)
  • Big Blue (F-Zero)
  • Cape Claw (Star Fox Adventures)
  • Fortuna (Star Fox Assault)
  • Mute City (F-Zero X)
  • Water Temple (Twilight Princess)
  • Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time)
  • Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)
  • Aquas (Star Fox 64)
  • Jolly Roger Bay (Super Mario 64)


  • Jetski Race
  • Poker
  • Bowling
  • Pole Dancing
  • Balloon Breaking
  • Pinball
  • Gourmet Race

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