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A crossover between crossovers.
The game's motto.

Super Smash Silver Spurs
Developer(s) Lone Planet
Publisher(s) Lone Planet
Platform(s) The V²
Lone Planet Impetus
Zeta Nebula
Genre(s) fighting
Release Date(s)
Summer 2018
1-8 players
Age Rating(s)
Super Smash Silver Spurs is a spin-off fighting game, created by Lone Planet to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the NES port of the Sheriff arcade game. (The game was ported by Trikani Exal, who would later found the Tricom company).

Although it is not canon to the Exalian Rift, the game features several heroes and villains from games, movies, and TV shows created by Lone Planet and its predecessors, MGX Studios and Tricom.

The main theme is Cash Cash - "Overtime".


The following franchises within the Exalian Rift are set to have representation in the game.


  • Shadowcalypse
  • Button
  • The Shadows in the Stars
  • Darklight
  • Unparalleled Threat
  • Beatie Breakerz
  • Bubble Destruction


  • Vicinity Saga
  • Multiversal Silver Spurs
  • Negative Charge
  • Abiogenesis
  • Calvinball

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