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Super Smash Show-Down is developed by Nintendo and with Sega and Konami on the Wii. Somewhat similar to Brawl,deleted characters from Melee,hack characters,and others will be in the game.


Not all characters will be revealed.

Mario Series


Mr.Nintendo comes to SSSD with a blast o' fire and as a caper.

Neutral Special: Fireball
Side Special: Cape
Down Special: Mario Tornado
Up Special: Super Jump Punch

Final Smash: Mario Finale
Final Form: Super Mario

FF Neutral Special: Bigger Fireball
FF Side Special: Koopa Shell Toss
FF Down Special: Power Hammer
FF Up Special: Tornado Jump Punch

Luigi (unlockable)

-Defeat Classic Mode with Mario without losing any lives
-Play as Mario 25 times
-Have Luigi join you in Adventure Mode

In the shadow of his brother,Luigi charges headfirst into Show-Down.

Neutral Special: Fireball
Side Special: Green Missile
Down Special: Luigi Cyclone
Up Special: Super Jump Punch

Final Smash: Negative Zone
Final Form: Shadow Luigi

FF Neutral Special: 2P Shadow
FF Side Special: Shadow Bullet
FF Down Special: Boo Summon
FF Up Special: Second Jump


Mario's fat rival is just edging to get the prize money from the tourneys.

Final Smash: Dynamite Fart
Final Smash: Wario-Man

Waluigi (unlockable)

-Defeat Classic Mode as Wario without losing lives
-Score 100 KOs as Wario
-Have Waluigi join you in Adventure Mode

Teaming up with Wario he hopes to get some of the fame (as well as the money),but is he a traitor?

Final Smash: Waluigi Golfing
Final Form: Rocketboostin' Waluigi


Singing and dancing and slapping Bowser, Peach isn't letting Mario save her again for now.

Final Smash: Peach Blossom
Final Form: Super Princess Peach


Two words: Mario and revenge. That's all he wants.

Final Smash: Lava Breath
Final Form: Giga Bowser

Bowser Jr. (unlockable)

-Defeat Bowser in Classic Mode in under 0:45
-KO the Mario Bros. 50 times
-Have Bowser Jr. join you in the Adventure Mode

If his paintbrush doesn't get you, expect Koopa shells and spikes.

Final Smash: Graffiti Blast
Final Form: Bandanna Jr.

Donkey Kong

Call him dumb, and you will be punched, headbutted, and squished.

Final Smash: Konga Beat
Final Form: Super Metal DK

Pokemon Series


The electricity filled mouse is making thunderstorms!

Final Smash: Super Thunder
Final Form: Volt Pikachu


Fight this Steel/Fighting type Pokemon, and you'll get to see the northern lights and stars!

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