Super Smash SNES is an upcoming WiiWare title by Vined Inc.. It will be able to be downloaded world wide on December 24, 2008 for 1000 Wii Points. The game is a Super Smash Brothers game but in the style of a Super Nintendo game and using characters that were only in SNES games.


The game uses the Wii classic controller, it is slightly different from an original Super Nintendo controller as it has a joystick. To attack the "A" button is used for standard attacks, pushing the joystick up or to the side will cause a different attack. The "B" button is used for special attacks, pushing the joystick up or to the side will cause a different special attack. Three "smash" attacks can be used by pressing the "A" button and the joystick quickly.

To jump the X button is used, which is again used for a double jump. You press the Y button to release an item and the A button to pick up or use and item. If you press on the directional pad in any direction the character uses a "taunt" which is a special graphic to taunt the enemies.

Solo Player

There is one made available in the solo player which is similar to Classic mode. The players traverse through and battle with various foes before being met by Master Hand at the end, as well as Crazy Hand on hard and expert difficulty.

Online capabilities

The game can be connected to the Wii's wireless internet Wii connect 24 to be played online however unlike Super Smash Brothers Brawl you can not communicate with other players.


There are a total of 31 playable characters. This is more than than an original Super Nintendo game would have been capable of holding as most series have four characters. However it was made for the fans, not the technical hold-backs of using an older system.

Mario Series

Zelda Series

Donkey Kong Series

Fire Emblem Series

Mother Series

Kirby Series

Starfox Series

Metroid Series

Yoshi Series


  • Mushroom Kingdom
  • Hyrule
  • Onett
  • Donkey Kong Island
  • Zebes
  • Altea
  • Corneria
  • Dream Land
  • Subcon
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Krocodile Isle
  • Jugdral
  • PalmMan Isle
  • Final Destination


Normal special: Fireball

Mario tosses a fireball, and hurts someone that comes in contact with the fire. They also get set on fire for 10 seconds, making a rapid hit. Damage: 1-25

Up special: Cape Mario

Mario uses his cape to fly. You can also press X to attack, but you turn around as a side effect. Moving in the opposite direction makes you fly higher. He stops flying when he hits a wall- be careful! Damage: 3-8

Down special: Hammer toss (In the air: Cape Crash)

Mario tosses a hammer that makes the foe fall down. It causes a heckton of damage. It goes upward very fast and requires some time to throw. (0.5 milliseconds) Damage: 21-30 If you are in the air and are in the middle of soaring with cape with Cape Mario, You come crashing down superfast, and cause a short wave. (Don't use it if you plan to recover or K.O someone if there is no ground below them!) Damage: Depends how close people are to you. Up to 45 damage.


Normal Special: Fireball

Luigi tosses a fireball, and hurts someone that comes in contact with the fire. They also get set on fire for 15 seconds, making a rapid hit. Damage: 25-40

Up Special: Thunderpack5000

Allows Luigi to fly for a short time with a jetpack but instead of fuel, he uses THUNDER! The thunder crashes down, making it a tough move if you aren't recovering. Damage: 20-35

Down Special: Thunder spin

Luigi spins for about three seconds, making spirals of thunder that go up until they hit a wall. If you charge it for less than 10 seconds, they make fast waves of thunder. (Up to about 10, going in many directions!) Damage: 10 per hit! If you charge it for more than 10 seconds, a very slow wave of about 5 thunder rings spiral in one direction, which is up. Very slow and very unlikely to have full effect, but anyone unlucky enough to get trapped in the middle, they burn to a crisp, and respawn in 10 seconds! (Brutal much?!) Damage: Instant K.O! A brutal one too!


This game is an addicting game to relieve a lot of nostalgia. The controls were good- but there was a lack of content. The game gets an average of 7.9 a lot of the time.