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Super Smash Ridley is a 2015 downloadable fighting game. The character of Ridley from the Metroid series has been a highly requested character for the mascot crossover series Super Smash Bros., though has been deemed as a bad choice by the series creator and director Masahiro Sakurai, stating that shrinking Ridley to add him into a Super Smash Bros. title would take away from his ferocity. In response, this game was born.

Contrary to popular belief, this is not a joke game.


The game is a clone of the Super Smash Bros. fighting series. Differing from other fighting series, such as Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter, the game forces players to knock their opponents off the screen and past blast zones, as opposed to depleting a health bar, to KO opponents. To do this, every character has four special moves that can be used to deal damage, as well as standard and "smash" attacks (standard attacks charged by holding the attack button).


There are twelve playable characters. Eleven of these characters are the highly requested Ridley character and his many forms, while the remaining one is the Metroid series protagonist Samus Aran.

Default Characters

Samus Aran
Samus is the main protagonist of the Metroid series. A bounty hunter who travels the galaxy, she has had many encounters with Ridley in the past, facing all iterations of him often in her lonesome. She has deep hatred for the Space Pirate, as he had murdered her parents when she was a child, thus scarring her for life and bringing her Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when first encountering him afterwards. Now she wants revenge, and to do that, she sets out to finally kill Ridley once and for all.

Unlockable Characters

Ridley is a large dragon-like creature said to lead the Space Pirates. Despite his primitive appearance, Ridley is in fact extremely intelligent, being able to build robots and other devices. However, even with his high IQ, he is unable to speak, instead resorting to angry roars to communicate. He's large and fast, though also very light, making him easy to KO.
Ridley SSB4
In Metroid: Other M, the scientists aboard the BOTTLE SHIP extract various pieces of DNA from Samus' power suit and attempt to clone them. Among these pieces are blood samples of Ridley, whom she killed prior to coming aboard the ship. Ridley's clone is faster and slightly heavier than the original Ridley, and now has the ability to drag opponents across the ground.
Ridley Clone
Little Birdie
Metroid: Other M shocked players when they learned of Ridley's life cycle. Starting with Little Birdie, Samus would have to face off against each iteration of the dragon's lifespan. Little Birdie is extremely fast, light and weak, though to make up with this, he can dodge most projectiles due to his small size.
Little Birdie
Ridley 2 SSB4
After Little Birdie, Ridley would then grow into a giant lizard-like creature. Now possessing intelligence akin to Samus' own, he is able to ambush her and quickly attack. Unlike the other forms of Ridley, which are primarily aerial fighters, the Mystery Creature is almost useless in the air, though is the fastest of all the Ridley incarnations.
Mystery Creature
Best Ridley
Before Ridley was a large space dragon bent on destroying Samus and conquering the universe, Ridley was this. In the original Metroid NES game, Ridley took the appearance of a long-headed creature with small wings on his back; reminding many of an insect.
Best Ridley
Meta Ridley
After his first fight with Samus in Metroid, Samus once again encounters Ridley during the events of Metroid Prime. The large space dragon looks drastically different from his original appearance, and now sports a robotic exoskeleton to keep him alive. He's heavier and slower because of this exoskeleton, though is also more powerful.
Meta Ridley
Omega Ridley rip
During Metroid Prime 3, the phazon parasite manages to infect Meta Ridley, hence turning him into a new iteration known to Samus as Omega Ridley. Omega Ridley is slower, heavier and stronger than even Meta Ridley, and all his attacks are now infused with phazon attributes.
Omega Ridley
Fake Ridley
An unused "Fake Ridley" enemy from the original Metroid NES game.
Fake Ridley
An unused "Ridley-2" boss seen in Metroid: Zero Mission concept art.
A robot built by Ridley in his own likeness. Served as the final boss of Metroid: Zero Mission.
Ridley Robot
Neo Ridley sprite
An X Parasite inhabiting and controlling the corpse of Ridley. Served as a boss in Metroid Fusion.


There are twelve stages in the game.


There are ten items in the game


This game is set to be ported on the switch just in time for chritsmas